Kindergarten Snails

Kindergarten artists worked with Model Magic to create these wonderful snails. The artists had so much fun coloring their white model magic with markers before creating their snails. Students learned how to knead the marker color into their clay to create bright colors. They also worked on rolling the clay into a ball and creating a […]

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Fifth Grade Chancay Figures

Fifth Grade artists learned about the ancient kingdom of Chancay, a Pre-Columbian civilization located along the coast of Peru.  Our artists created model magic figurines that were inspired by the ceramics made by the Chancay people.  Clay idol from the Chancay culture.  They began with “thumbnail” sketches in their sketchbooks.  Creating the background – a […]

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Just Under The Wire…

Final Georgetown Art Show Selections!  Congrats, artists!       Find more information about our 2014 Art Show here: Hudsonville Art Program

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Ribbit! Monet’s Frogs

Georgetown’s first grade artists recently finished these cute froggies after learning about the work of Claude Monet.  They were inspired by Geraldine Eischner’s book, “Where is the Frog?” and enjoyed looking for Antoinette the frog hiding in Monet’s famous water lily paintings.   First graders created a watery “Monet style” background, then cut out their […]

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Claude Monet’s Frogs

First grade artists have been learning about the Impressionist work of Claude Monet.  As they examined Monet’s Japanese Bridge painting, they all wondered….where are the frogs on the lily pads?! So…we created lily pads, blending our colors so it looked like the sun was shining on them, just like Monet might do.  They added little […]

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Kindergarten Snowmen

There isn’t any snow for us to go outside and build a snowman, so why not build a snowman in the art room? That is exactly what the Kindergarten artists did! Students had a fun class exploring with model magic to create their snowmen. They turned out so cute, and now they can say they […]

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I am in love with my sweet first grade artists!  We began our first big art project by exploring lots of media – markers, crayons, watercolor, ink pens, and Model Magic.  They enjoyed reading books about farm animals and learning about the critters on my farm – and their “Pig in a Puddle” pieces are […]

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Third Grade Coil Pots

My third grade artists always learn coil pot building for their clay project.  This year I switched it up a bit, and the coil pots became bird nests.  We squeezed “twigs” through garlic presses to finish the tops of our pots – this was a big hit with my third graders!   glazing our nests […]

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Mentor Day

Today I had the pleasure of sitting in a cushy chair and watching someone else work!  I visited my mentee, Mrs. Nienhouse, at South Elementary and enjoyed seeing her work some art magic with her students.  We had a fun morning, and I was impressed with Mrs. Nienhouse’s planned projects AND her fabulous students.  Here’s […]

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Fifth Grade Faces

Fifth grade artists recently finished these expressive model magic faces.  We looked at the art of Cree and Shoshone Indian artist Sarain Stump and then created these faces that showed an emotion of their choice. They then  added symbols around their portraits to add emphasis to their work.

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