Feeling The Georgetown Love

Well folks, the time has come to bid you good bye; I will hang up my paintbrush on June 8th and begin my new job….Retired Art Teacher!

Huge thanks to my Georgetown kiddos and staff for the avalanche of cards, drawings, letters, and sweet little gifts that have been appearing on my desk over the last week.  I feel truly blessed to work with such caring students and teachers.

Thank you to the many parents who shared with me how much their children love art, and for displaying your kids’ art in your home – rumor has it that almost every garage in Hudsonville has been turned into an art gallery!

 Tolsma Garage Gallery – love it!

And check out this beautiful cake created by our Music Teacher Amber…it was too pretty to eat, but we did anyway because it was just tooooo tasty!

Mrs. Chmura will be Georgetown’s next amazing art teacher, and she is really excited to get started in the art room!  This blog will be linked to Mrs. Chmura’s new Georgetown Art Blog very soon.

In the meantime, I’ll be slowing down and livin’ the dream at Valley View Farm, listening to the roosters crow in the morning and watching the sun go down every evening.

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Robot Fun

Kindergarten and first graders have been having fun drawing robots.

We read “Boy + Bot” and “The Robot Book” for inspiration and ideas.

Kinders drew their robots and added squishy sticky foam pieces for details.  They loved pushing the squishy “ON” and “OFF” buttons that they created!

First graders drew their bots with shiny metallic markers and added robot cut outs to create their funny robots.



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Almost Ready!

Student masterpieces framed and labeled – check!

Name tags made and Art Show invitations sent – check!

3-D pieces labeled and carefully wrapped – check!

Art panels tied together, supplies loaded and ready to go – check!

Ready to set up our 18th Annual HPS District Art Show this Friday.  Can’t wait to see it all put together.  Get all the deets here: HPS Art Show


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Georgetown Artists Bring You…Spring Bunnies!

We’ve been all about the bunnies in first and second grade here at Georgetown.  What’s not to love about these hoppers?!

First graders painted a bright background and used their best cutting and glueing skills to add their bunnies on top.

Second graders worked on their drawing skills (and patience!) to create these cuties.

This 2nd grade project has been all over Pinterest, so I’m not sure who to credit…but we sure did enjoy it!

Parents…these bunnies will show up on ARTSONIA ….soon-ish!

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