Koi Paintings

Oh how I love these glorious Koi paintings by my fourth grade artists!

They learned that the Japanese Koi, or carp, is a much loved fish in Japan and is a symbol of strength and perseverance in the Japanese culture.  After a quick painting demonstration, they painted their koi with India ink on large sheets of paper.  The room was absolutely silent as everyone concentrated on their paintings.

Can’t wait to see the finished pieces after we add color!

IMG_9649 IMG_9650 IMG_9652 IMG_9660 IMG_9662 IMG_9663

Third Grade Fall Landscapes

Third graders have just finished up a multi-media fall project.  We began by exploring different ways to make lines, drawing trees with coffee stir-sticks and india ink.  The results were beautiful…the line drawings could have stood alone as finished art!

One of our inspirations for these tree drawings was from this blog:  iheartprintsandpatterns – beautiful ideas for decorative tree drawings.

We followed up with watercolor and oil pastel for our landscapes.

And finally….a little texture review and crayon leaf rubbing to complete our fall compostion.  (Doesn’t matter how old you are, leaf texture rubbings are ALWAYS fun and exciting to create!)

The final results….a beautiful fall inspired landscape.

Winter Pine Trees

Mr. VandenBerg’s Third Graders are finishing up a watercolor project.  They created a beautiful background for their trees by brushing cool colors on a 9×12 sheet of watercolor paper and sprinkling the wet paper with salt.  When they rubbed the dry salt away during the next class, it was amazing to see the different textures created by the salt.

After practicing their brushstrokes, the class painted gorgeous pine trees with India ink.

Pine Tree Pine Tree