Sippin’ Hot Chocolate in the Art Room!

What could be better on a cold snowy day than a cup of hot chocolate?  My talented Fifth Grade artists drew beautiful cups of steaming hot chocolate, concentrating on pattern and color as they created their designs.

And the really fun part of this project….Mrs. Brouwer stirring up cups of hot chocolate for everyone to sip on as they worked.  We were using scented markers, but the hot chocolate wafting through the room smelled WAY better!

This project was inspired by Heather Galler on Etsy.

Art Scavenger Hunt

Finally…the sun shines, the air is warm, and we all want to be outdoors.  My artists have been enjoying an outdoor scavenger hunt (thanks to fellow Jamestown art teacher Lisa for her cool idea!).  Older kids take their sketchbooks along, and the younger ones take a clipboard and paper…and the drawing checklist.  A few of the ten items on the checklist:

~ draw your favorite piece of playground equipment

~ draw your friend as they pose for you

~ do three texture rubbings

~ draw our school from where you are sitting

~ find Mrs. B. and tell her your favorite art project this year

scavenger hunt scavenger hunt scavenger hunt scavenger hunt scavenger hunt scavenger hunt scavenger hunt scavenger hunt

New Art Show Selections

Here are the most recent selections for our upcoming Hudsonville Student Art Show, scheduled for April 25-28, 2011.  Keep scrolling, there are a bunch of beautiful pieces!  Congratulations, artists!

Kindergarten Penguin First Grade PicassoFirst Grade Picasso First Grade Picasso Second Grade Giraffe Second Grade Giraffe Second Grade Giraffe Second Grade Giraffe First Grade Kente Cloth First Grade MonkeyThird Grade Green DogThird Grade Self PortraitThird Grade African MasaiThird Grade African MasaiFourth Grade CalderFourth Grade CalderFourth Grade CalderFourth Grade CalderFourth Grade CalderFifth Grade LandscapeFifth Grade LandscapeFifth Grade LandscapeFifth Grade Landscape

Clay Trees – Finished!

Fifth Graders are adding the final details to their fun clay trees.  They are enjoying digging through a big pile of sticks for just the right “arms”, and adding brown and black watercolor for additional tree color.  We have also discovered that oil pastel, rubbed in with a blending stump, adds a great bit of color to the tree “bark”.

Selecting sticks Choosing Sticks

Stick ArmsTrees

Trees Trees Trees

Winter Snowflakes

We’ve had several inches of snow this week, to the delight of our students.  Makes a nice tie-in to the snowflake project that some of my classes have been enjoying.  Since some of my classes are playing “catch up” with other projects, I started these snowflakes in some of my 5th and 3rd grades.  I think this was a project I saw on Artsonia – so if it’s yours, let me know so I can give you credit for a project that my students are loving!

Snowflakes - 5th/3rd Grade

Snowflakes - 5th/3rd Snowflakes - 5th/3rd Grade Snowflakes - 5th/3rd

We drew our snowflakes with crayon and then outlined them with oil pastel – my kiddos enjoyed the way the oil pastel made the crayon look all “foggy”.  Then we painted over the snowflake with watercolor and added salt on top.  During the next class we rubbed the salt off to reveal beautiful splotches and textures.

Snowflake Painting Snowflake Painting Snowflake Painting

And finally – a little splash of glitter.  Now I know some of you art teachers out there don’t like glitter…so sorry about breaking the glitter ban….but ya gotta have a little glitter on a snowflake!

Glitter Girls

Putting on The Glitz!