Salvador Dali Portraits

Fifth Graders are finishing up a great Salvador Dali project.  They loved learning about the Surrealists and talking about their own “surreal” dreams, and found Dali’s attention-grabbing moustache very hilarious.  After creating their portraits, they chose their own Dali-inspired backgrounds and pipe-cleaner moustache designs.

Dali’s Many Moustaches

This project is inspired by Anne at  .  Thanks, Anne,  for an awesome lesson idea – my kids loved it!

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4 thoughts on “Salvador Dali Portraits

  1. Great lesson. I love these portraits. They’re so fun! What materials did you use and what size is the paper? Thank you!

  2. Hi Cyndi – thanks! These were done on 12×18 heavy weight tagboard. The portraits were drawn with sharpie marker, color was added with crayon, and the background was watercolor. The fun moustaches were done with black pipe cleaners – the kids bent them the way they wanted, then I hot glued the ‘stache on for them. Enjoy!

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