Inspired by FOOD!

We’ve been inspired by food this week in the art room!  To help with our January 19 “Marco’s Pizza Night”, our artists have been designing pizza boxes.  Marco’s Pizza delivered a truckload of pizza boxes to the art room, and our artists are decorating the boxes this week.  The boxes will be returned to Marcos, and when parents order a pizza January 19, it will be delivered in….you got it….the pizza box designed by their own child.

This has been a fun project this last week before Christmas break, and I’ve been able to sneak a little bit of art appreciation into the project too – we’ve looked at other artists who use food as their inspiration, including Andy Warhol’s 100 Cans and Oldenberg’s Pie A La Mode.

100 Soup Cans-Warhol Pie A La Mode

Here we are with our Pizza Boxes!

Pizza Boxes Pizza Boxes Pizza Boxes

Put it on your calendar – order a Marco’s Pizza on January 19, 2011, and receive it in a specially crafted box made by a famous artist – your own child!

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