Better Late…Than Never!

Georgetown artists wrapped up the school year with some pretty cool projects inspired by our study of African art and culture.  Before the summer slides away….here are a few of our favorites.

Fifth Grade African animal drawings on indigo dyed backgrounds with chalk Andikra symbols. Fifth graders got to select any African animal they wanted to draw, so this project was a hit!

Second grade tropical birds – plus a color and pattern review.

First grade printed and colored Kente Cloth with some toothy crocodiles lounging on top.

Fourth grade model magic African amulets painted with metallic paint.

Third grade jazzy African zebras with printed borders.

Kindergarten African zebras. Color, pattern, and cuteness – these fun zebras have it all!

Second Grade Sunflowers

Second grade artists have been looking at the work of Vincent Van Gogh and his sunflower paintings.  They are finishing up these fun sunflowers – with a twist!  Zebra print stems and bright neon colors really jazz up these springy flowers.

Van Gogh Sunflower detail

Georgetown sunflowers – adding some snazzy polka dots


A Trip to Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park

Looking for something cool to do with the family?  Mr. B. and I visited Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park  in Alto yesterday, and you’ve got to go too!  You can do a walking tour of the smaller animals, talk to Rick the Reptile Guy, and then get a wagon tour of the bigger animals.

One of my favorite areas was the huge parakeet porch – you can hold a seed stick out, and the little guys land on your hand to eat.  (That’s my hand with bird visitors there.)

I also LOVED the zebras – they have a brand new baby zebra – he was just two days old when we visited.

The zebras reminded me of one of my favorite art projects that my third graders did last spring – our neon zebras.

I also enjoyed Walter and Richard, the water buffaloes.  They were very friendly – I think they would have liked to get a taste of my camera!  This is Walter…or maybe Richard, I’m not sure!

A big thanks to Zookeeper (and niece) Dawn Hoekstra for the personal tour…it is a privilege to have family connections in the zoo business!