Beautiful Boab Trees

Fourth Grade artists are completing these fabulous Boab Trees as part of our Cultural Focus this year – Australia.  They learned that the Boab Tree is also called the “bottle tree” as it stores water in the bottle-shaped trunk to endure harsh drought conditions in the Australian outback.

Our boab trees were inspired by the work of  Australian artist Bronwyn Bancroft, author and illustrator of the book “Why I Love Australia”.

Fourth Graders prepared the paper for their work by first rubbing it with crayons for a bit of color and texture.  Next they painted their boabs with black tempera; when the tempera was dry, color was added with oil pastels.


       See more of our beautiful boab trees at our ARTSONIA GALLERY!



The Coolamon Bowl Story

Third grade artists began their study of the culture of Australia and New Zealand by learning about a traditional Aboriginal ceremony.  The Aboriginal people show respect for another’s language, country, and ancestors by performing a special smoking ceremony.  Fragrant eucalyptus leaves are burned in a special bowl, called a coolamon.  The smoldering leaves are used to cleanse the air while participating in the ritual.

After reading Why I Love Australia by Australian illustrator and artist Bronwyn Bancroft, my students were inspired to create their own interpretation of the smoking ceremony, complete with the special coolamon bowl.  Third grade artists also noticed the use of painted dots in Bancroft’s art, and they spent two class periods just making beautiful dots with the handle end of their paintbrushes.

Here are some of our Aboriginal inspired pieces – more can be found on our Artsonia on-line art gallery.



And a final collage – couldn’t resist!