Kindergarten Paul Klee Cats

The Kindergarten artists have been busy learning about the Swiss painter, Paul Klee. Paul Klee’s paintings were very childlike with bright colors like the color he saw when he visited Africa.                                         His famous painting entitled Cat and Bird was the inspiration for this project. After drawing their cat and bird, Kindergarteners chose bright watercolors to add color. They finished […]

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2nd Grade Tigers

After learning about the life and art of Henri Rousseau, 2nd graders at Georgetown created these ferocious tigers in the style of Rousseau.  They learned that Rousseau liked to paint jungle scenes with wild animals even though he had never been to the jungle or had ever seen a wild animal. First the artists drew […]

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Mexican Suns, 4th Grade Style!

Georgetown’s Fourth Graders created these colorful Aztec Sun images while learning about the culture of Mexico and Central America.  After drawing their images on paper, they traced onto coffee filters and painted with watercolors.  Their smiling suns really brighten our cafeteria!

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What’s New in the Art Room

We are busy starting new projects….and finishing up some pieces for display in our hallways.  First grade artists continued exploring pattern and got to do a little painting as they created these fun pattern fish.  They found out that a fish is pretty easy to draw, too! Third grade artists learned about two important American […]

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Winter Landscapes

Ask a third grade Georgetown artist about landscapes….I’ll bet they can tell you all about how to create a beautiful landscape!   They may tell you about the foreground, middle ground, and horizon line…or about using warm and cool colors to emphasize different parts of the picture, and maybe even how to choose the right […]

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Winter Penguins

After reading Penguins by Liz Pichon, Kindergarten artists created their own penguins with crayons and watercolor. In the story the penguins in the zoo find a camera and use it to take pictures of themselves. The camera gets returned to the owner and has many pictures of penguins on it. The students created pictures of their […]

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Winter Trees

Fourth grade artists have just finished these beautiful winter tree landscapes.  They used bits of masking tape to create their white trees, then painted some deep blue watercolor paint over the top, adding a sprinkle of salt for texture.  The really fun part?  Rubbing off the salt and gently peeling the tape away to reveal […]

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Kindergarten Dots

Kindergarten Dot

Kindergarten artists had fun creating their own dots with watercolor after reading The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds.  

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Lemon Juice Froggies

Third graders recently completed these sweet little watercolor frogs – perfect to celebrate the spring frogs that are peeping outside the art room door! Their watercolor froggies were painted on a background that was brushed with blue watercolor and dabbed with paper towel for some nice texture. Dots were added to the frogs with lemon […]

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The Blob Project

Georgetown’s 5th grade artists are completing this beautiful project – and I’m liking it!  As the school year winds down, I look for ways to use up opened materials and odd-shaped leftover paper,  AND ways to keep my antsy summer-break-ready students engaged.  The Blob Project worked beautifully! First we used up some old watercolors, creating […]

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