Fourth Grade Falling Leaves

Fourth grade artists combined their art and poetry skills to create these beautiful fall-inspired paintings.

They began with a sky-blue background, dabbing the watercolor paint with a tissue for added texture.

IMG_8543 IMG_8548

They traced leaves and added color with watercolor pencils.

IMG_8549 IMG_8550


Their beautiful leaf paintings were tied in to our cultural focus for the year, the study of Asian art.  We read the lovely book “One Leaf Rides The Wind” and learned about the art of writing Japanese Haiku poetry.

one leaf


Fourth graders wrote wonderful fall-inspired poetry and added their writing to their leaf paintings.

IMG_8793 IMG_8790 IMG_8733 IMG_8730 IMG_8724 IMG_8676


I Can:

Show Movement with careful placement of objects and color

Manipulate watercolor and watercolor pencils with success

Write a Japanese Haiku


See more of our Falling Leaf artwork at our Artsonia On-Line Art Museum!


Kindergarten Frogs

After reading a story about a tadpole that turns into a frog, Kindergarten artists were busy in the art room drawing and painting frogs with watercolor pencils. They had so much fun watching the color pencil turn into paint when they added water. The students have grown so much this year in their drawing skills. The frogs were a little tricky to draw and they all did an amazing job!

IMG_2518 IMG_2517 IMG_2519 IMG_9514 IMG_9513 IMG_9515