What Does Art Mean To You?

Georgetown 5th graders were challenged to think about what art really means to them.  They brainstormed ideas together and read quotes from famous artists.

Then the painting began!  They traced their hands on canvas panels and added paint in warm colors.  They also explored making texture in the wet acrylic paint with sticks and printing with bottle caps.

IMG_8656 IMG_8658

Next came the cool colors for the background.


The final step was to collage their ideas onto their paintings.  I typed all their brainstormed thoughts and artist quotes so they could cut, color and glue them to their paintings. They also drew directly on their canvas with crayons or markers.

I love the way each student really expressed their own ideas through their paintings!

IMG_8971 IMG_8972 IMG_8973 IMG_9230 IMG_9235 IMG_9241 IMG_9254 IMG_9256 IMG_9299 IMG_9336

I CAN: creatively use warm and cool color combinations; talk about art; develop my own ideas about my own art making.

See more of our Art Hands at our ARTSONIA on-line art gallery here.

Fall Trees

These beautiful fall trees were created by Georgetown second grade artists.  After reviewing warm and cool color schemes, they painted a warm tone watercolor wash for their background.

IMG_8182 (1)



Second graders practiced drawing lots of trees until they got one “just right” to put on their background.  Both Mrs. Brouwer and our artists were surprised how difficult drawing a tree can be – but our awesome artists stuck with the challenge and produced some great trees.  It helped to view several art pieces that showed how other artists drew trees, and to examine the branches and tree trunks that these artists had drawn and painted.

IMG_8190 IMG_8194 IMG_8206

I Can Goals:

* I can use warm colors to paint a watercolor wash

* I can draw a realistic tree with many branches

Special thanks to DawnStar for this project inspiration

News From The G-Town Art Room

It has been a busy first two weeks in the Georgetown Art Room!  All grades began with a project that reviewed the all-important art element of LINE as they embellished the first letter of their names.

IMG_8171 IMG_8173

We’ve been learning and reviewing Art Room routines and rules to help us keep our room and materials neat and organized.

IMG_3838 (1) The Wheel of Talking!IMG_3839 Art Room JobsIMG_3843 (1)

Mrs. B. does enjoy a nice neat supply basket!

And…we started some fun projects!


Fourth and Fifth graders assembled their new sketchbooks.

IMG_8175 IMG_8177 IMG_8179

Third graders began some beautiful scientific drawings.


Second graders reviewed warm colors and painted a watercolor sunset.

And First grade…well, we used rulers to draw wonderful straight lines for our Picasso project.  Mrs. B. was way too busy with this project to take any pictures, believe me!  More later on that one!

Drop by next week for a look at our finished projects – they will be beauties.


Colorful Peacocks

Fourth Grade artists have been working hard to finish up these gorgeous peacock drawings.  After reviewing color families such as primary, secondary, and warm/cool combinations, they added color with oil pastel and carefully blended the feathers, adding a bright green background to finish their masterpieces.  Aren’t their peacocks amazing?

IMG_2096 IMG_2097 IMG_2098 IMG_2099 IMG_2116 IMG_2117


See more peacocks at ARTSONIA!

Kindergarten Spring Flowers and Bugs

Kindergarten Spring Flowers and Bugs

Kindergarten artists are trying to bring some Spring to our school by painting large flowers. Each artist drew a large flower then chose warm or cool color paints to mix and paint their petals with. They then chose their favorite insect to draw and color with markers to add to their flowers. We were hoping the Kindergarten flowers would bring Spring to our school since we don’t feel it outside!


We (heart) Valentine’s Day in First Grade!

This is kind of a goofy project, but my first graders enjoy it so much that I can’t help myself!  The focus is on symmetry and the old folded paper and drawing 1/2 of a heart technique.  This is a tricky thing for first graders, and oh! the excitement when they create a perfect heart shape!  After lots of heart making practice, we turn our best hearts into…Love Bugs.

See more Valentine’s Day projects HERE.

First graders have also been working on this fun “Warm Heart, Cold Hands” project.  This was a nice review of our warm/cool color study, and gave us one more chance to make a tiny, oh so perfect, heart.  We finished these with little painted hearts for a border.  Sweet!  Thanks to Kathy over at Art Projects For Kids for this project inspiration.

Back by Popular Demand – Warm Wanda and Cool Cal

First Grade artists have been learning all about color this month – primary colors, rainbow order, and mixing secondary colors.  This week we wrapped up with a visit from Warm Wanda and Cool Cal – coloring these critters helped us learn about warm and cool colors.  The best part – Wanda and Cal puppets to take home!

I don’t repeat too many art projects – but this one is always so enjoyed by my first grade crew that I have to do it.  And I get a kick out of the way this stays with my students – even my 5th graders refer to the warm and cool colors as Wanda and Cal!


Hundertwasser Landscapes

Fifth Grade artists began looking at the work of Austrian painter and architect Hundertwasser.    We looked at some images from his book, Hundertwasser for Kids, including one of my favorite landscapes.

Hundertwasser For KidsHundertwasser

After a review of warm colors, we began painting our own Hundertwasser – inspired landscapes.

Hundertwasser Hundertwasser Hundertwasser Hundertwasser

Next week we’ll add black acrylic stems, focusing on Hundertwasser’s love of spirals as we paint.  The last step will be adding fabric circles to complete the landscape.  Here’s my sample – check back next week for our completed student pieces – I think they’ll be beautiful!