O’Keeffe Flowers

Georgetown’s 5th Grade artists have finished up their O’Keeffe flowers, and their completed pieces are stunning!  We focused on the art elements for this project, and the 5th graders were amazed to see how many important art elements were included in their flower paintings. Art Elements we used!  O’Keeffe “Red Poppy” After viewing O’Keeffe’s “Red […]

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Kindergarten Butterflies

Kindergarten artists studied the art of Eric Carle. They read many of his books and learned how he created his art. After painting papers in either warm or cool colors, the artists cut their papers to create these Spring butterflies.

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New Winter Art Projects from G-Town

The blustery cold weather has inspired our Georgetown artists to create some fun “wintery” projects.  We are also starting our study and review of color, and these projects are reinforcing our understanding of color families such as primary and secondary colors, and  warm/cool colors. First grade artists are working on these nice warm/cool holiday trees. […]

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Winter Landscapes

Ask a third grade Georgetown artist about landscapes….I’ll bet they can tell you all about how to create a beautiful landscape!   They may tell you about the foreground, middle ground, and horizon line…or about using warm and cool colors to emphasize different parts of the picture, and maybe even how to choose the right […]

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Winter Penguins

After reading Penguins by Liz Pichon, Kindergarten artists created their own penguins with crayons and watercolor. In the story the penguins in the zoo find a camera and use it to take pictures of themselves. The camera gets returned to the owner and has many pictures of penguins on it. The students created pictures of their […]

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Picasso’s Christmas Trees

Georgetown’s second grade artists finished up this final project before Christmas break.  My smart second graders impressed me by recalling concepts that we learned as first graders – warm and cool colors, cubism, and even the famous artist, Pablo Picasso.  And since they were learning how to use rulers in their classroom, second graders had […]

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The Blob Project

Georgetown’s 5th grade artists are completing this beautiful project – and I’m liking it!  As the school year winds down, I look for ways to use up opened materials and odd-shaped leftover paper,  AND ways to keep my antsy summer-break-ready students engaged.  The Blob Project worked beautifully! First we used up some old watercolors, creating […]

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First Grade Snowmen

First Grade artists have been working on a fun little snowman project.  Last week we drew our skinny snowmen with tall hats and painted the background – reviewing our warm and cool colors of course!  This week we read a favorite snowman book – Beuhner’s  “Snowmen at Night”; colored some great patterns on our scarves […]

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First Grade Picassos

First graders have been learning about Pablo Picasso and cubism this week.  They’ve had great fun talking about Picasso’s portraits that show many views of the face at the same time. We created our own Picasso portraits, and included a review of warm, cool, and neutral colors as we painted our portraits. The final step […]

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Warm/Cool City Scapes

Second grade artists are wrapping up their review of color with a warm/cool city scape painting.  They spent one class exploring architecture and created fabulous detailed drawings, creating depth by overlapping their buildings.  Then they made a choice – cool colors for their city, or warm colors.  The results are beautiful.

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