Featuring….Georgetown Second Graders!

Whoop Whoop!  The artwork of several talented second graders is featured in the March issue of the the nation’s leading art education magazine, Arts & Activities.

Thanks to second graders Amelia, Keelan, Meghan, and Eden for sharing their artwork for my magazine article submission “Colorful Van Gogh Landscapes”.

Check out the full article here:

Van Gogh Article-2jtlio6

New Blue Dogs

Third grade artists are finishing up their study of Louisiana artist George Rodrigue, creator of Blue Dog.  They drew awesome dogs using oil pastels, and placed their dog on a background inspired by Van Gogh’s famous Starry Night.

 Blue Dog – cutting it out

 Starry Night Background

Four dogs – aren’t they great?!



See more Georgetown Blue Dog Projects here!

Meet Mrs. Nienhouse!

I am privileged to share my room with an awesome new art teacher – Mrs. Celine Nienhouse!  Mrs. Nienhouse will teach all of our Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten classes at Georgetown this year.

Here are some very cool things to know about Mrs. Nienhouse:

Her favorite color is grass green, but she says she is also loving yellow this year.

Her favorite artists are Vincent Van Gogh, Mucha, and comic book artist Jo Chen.  In her spare time Mrs. Nienhouse likes to make jewelry, play video games, and Draw, Draw, Draw!  She says that the best thing she’s ever done is to go skydiving, and her favorite place in the whole world is Scotland.

Mrs. Nienhouse has taught art in Arizona for four years, and moved back to Michigan earlier this summer.  She and her hubby are high school sweethearts!

And, ooh la la, she was born in France and has dual citizenship.  Cool, huh?

Welcome to Georgetown, Mrs. Nienhouse!  I know that you will enjoy our kinder-kiddos in these classes:

Mrs. Boes, Mrs. Kok, Mrs. Jabaay, Mrs. Bohl, and Mrs. Estefan.