Second Grade Sunflowers

My second grade artists created these beautiful sunflowers this week.  We looked at Van Gogh’s Vase of Sunflowers and focused on a single sunflower, using careful shading in oil pastel to create our work of art.

sunflowers Vincent Van Gogh’s Sunflowers

Second grade sunflowers Second grade sunflowers Second grade sunflowers

We learned about shading and value last fall with our pumpkin project – my second graders remembered this and did a beautiful job shading the sunflower petals.

second grade sunflowers second grade sunflowers second grade sunflowers

second grade sunflowers Finishing touch – I hot-glued seeds in the centers.


Second Grade artists have been enjoying our Grinch project.  We drew them with Sharpie markers and added grinch green color to his face, using our understanding of shading and value that we developed this fall with our pumpkin project.  They also drew a fancy border around Mr. Grinch and made it smaller than his head so he “popped out” of the picture frame.  We finished up with a little printmaking with tempera paint dipped in bottle caps for a fun frame.Grinch Grinch Grinch

The Great Pumpkin Project

My second grade artists have been learning about the art element of VALUE this month.  This is kind of a difficult concept for second grade but I wanted to lay the groundwork for future projects relating to value.

So we began with a simple shading project using artist pencils.  My kiddos were excited to use the REAL art pencils and blending stumps to create their carefully blended and shaded masks.

Second Grade Masks/Value Second Grade Masks/Value

They really did grasp the way to shade from dark to light in this project!  Next we moved on to pumpkins and I introduced value again, this time created by shading with color.  We used oil pastels and blending stumps to shade and blend our pumpkins, creating the illusion of a very rounded form – with awesome results!

Second Grade Pumpkin Second Grade Pumpkins Second Grade Pumpkins

Our principal, Mrs. Reagan, so dearly loved our pumpkins – so three now decorate her office door!

Mrs. Reagan's Office Door