New Clay Projects

Third and Fourth Grade G-Town artists are wrapping up their clay projects and are excited to show them off!

Third graders created coil pots and turned them into bird nests by squeezing clay through a garlic press; they loved creating the squiggly looking nest tops.


They created colorful birds, eggs, and baby birds using Model Magic.  What child doesn’t love a nest full of birds?!

IMG_6345 IMG_6346 IMG_6347 IMG_6348

Fourth Graders created fun little face pinch pots, and added awesome felt hats.  Each pinch pot has such character – every one of them makes me smile!


IMG_6445 IMG_6446 IMG_6447

Inspiration for this project is from Fem Manuals blog – check out their darling face pots with hats too!

Mona Lisa Triptych

Third grade artists have been learning about Leonardo daVinci and his famous Mona Lisa painting.  They were excited to learn daVinci’s trick of drawing eyes that seem to follow you around the room, and brainstormed lots of interesting ideas about what Mona Lisa might have been thinking about as she smiled mysteriously while her portrait was being painted.

They created their own Mona Lisa drawings in a triptych – a work of art that is divided into three sections – and wrote their Mona Lisa thoughts on the outside of the triptych.


Third Grade Elves

Sometimes, my third grade artists have discovered, we make art just for FUN.  Turning themselves into silly elves was just plain….fun, with a little creative problem solving thrown in as they figured out how to make elf-inspired clothing.


This project was inspired by Pinterest!  See more at “Art With Mrs. Chiddo” (scroll down to see their sweet first grade elves!)

New Blue Dogs

Third grade artists are finishing up their study of Louisiana artist George Rodrigue, creator of Blue Dog.  They drew awesome dogs using oil pastels, and placed their dog on a background inspired by Van Gogh’s famous Starry Night.

 Blue Dog – cutting it out

 Starry Night Background

Four dogs – aren’t they great?!



See more Georgetown Blue Dog Projects here!

The Button Project

Georgetown artists in grades 1-3 began their first project of the school year with a fun little line, shape, and color review – The Button Project.  Their designs began with a button or fuzzy pom-pom of their choice; they then created a radial design using lines and shapes around their buttons and pom-poms.  Check out their fabulous designs!


The button project was inspired by a project from the blog Fine Lines – see it here. 

New Weaving Projects

My third and fourth graders have been exploring weaving this past week.  We used some unusual “looms” for our weaving; third graders wove around a paper plate, and fourth graders are experiencing weaving around a plastic cup as their loom.  Both grades are absolutely loving this new weaving technique – and many of my students are sneaking paper plates and plastic cups out of their cupboards at home so they can weave more – they are hooked!

Third Grade paper plate weaving

Weaving-grade 3 Weaving-third grade Weaving-third grade Paper plate weaving-third grade Paper Plate Weaving-third grade

Fourth Grade plastic cup weaving

Cup weaving-fourth grade Cup Weaving-fourth grade Cup Weaving-fourth grade Cup Weaving-fourth grade Cup Weaving-fourth grade Cup Weaving-fourth grade