Clay Tiles

My sweet second graders are really excited to finally take their clay tiles home.  This project was part of our Middle Eastern culture study – we looked at images of the beautiful tiles found in shrines in Iran and learned about radial symmetry before creating our own tiles.

Tile Work – Iran

Glazed tiles waiting for gold wire and sparkly beads.

  All the lovely beads – ready to add to our tiles!

Finished tiles, ready to take home and hang!

Kandinsky Project

Georgetown fourth grade artists are finishing up a big Kandinsky project this week.  The  project is stunning, and we can’t wait to hang these in the hallway!

After looking at Kandinsky’s Several Circles No. 323 and discussing abstract art, we got started.

  Several Circles No. 323

We began by thinking about texture and color as we created our background.

texture background

Next came tempera paint in rainbow order, with a little white thrown in for playing with tints.

painting – rainbow order

We traced circles and painted over our marker lines with black tempera paint.

tracing circles and painting with tempera

Then – more color, this time thinking about warm and cool colors as we painted the circles.

One more look at Kandinsky’s circle painting and a big discussion about eye path and leading the viewer through the artwork by using shape and color….and finally, cutting our circles, carefully placing them on the background, and gluing the circles down.  The results….stunning.

Assembling Kandinsky project

Finished pieces!


This project was inspired by “Brooke’s Quilt #3” …. check it out, it is lovely!





Fourth Grade Feather Masks

Fourth Grade artists have been reviewing the art elements of line, shape, color, and texture as they create these great feather masks.  They also brushed up on their shading skills as they explored color combinations for their feathers.

Everyone enjoyed looking through my feather collection for pattern and color ideas!

First Grade Fall Collages

First grade artists are finishing up these beautiful fall collages.  This was a busy project and my first graders did a great job following directions – painting pumpkins and gourds, creating texture leaf rubbings, carefully cutting out many pieces for their collages, thoughtfully arranging them on their paper background, learning to OVERLAP, and finally, adding the much-anticipated silver and copper painted details!  Whew!

This project was inspired by a project I found on Pinterest….unfortunately, the web address given won’t work.  So if this is your project that I “borrowed”, please let me know so I can give you credit here – my first graders loved this fall collage!

First Graders Explore Picasso

First Grade artists have been learning about Pablo Picasso and cubism.  We found many shapes and colors in Picasso’s “Three Musicians” painting – and everyone enjoyed finding the dog hidden with the musicians!

Three Musicans by Pablo Picasso

We created our own versions of the Three Musicians, adding texture to our background and lots of colorful shapes.

Kindergarten Rectangle Review

Kindergarten artists had a little review on drawing rectangles as they created fun “Frankie” and “Frankette” portraits.  We practiced drawing rectangles in the air with our imaginary markers (short line, loooong line, short line, looooong line!) and then set to work finding and drawing the rectangles on Frankie’s head, teeth, and neck bolts.  We added a zig-zag hair line, texture crayon work for color, and finished with yellow construction paper eyes.

Kindergarten Frankies Kindergarten Frankies Kindergarten Frankies

Action Jackson Project

Third Grade artists began learning about “Action Jackson” Pollock this week.  We read Action Jackson by Greenberg and Jordan, and looked at several reproductions of Pollock’s action paintings.  Everyone was excited and energized by Pollock’s abstract expressionist paintings!

Action Jackson by Jan Greenberg and Sandra Jordan Pollock

So we got busy with our Action Jackson project by creating a textured background with warm color crayons.  This was a great review of warm colors as third graders sorted out the pink, orange, yellow, and red crayons for their texture rubbings.  Next week…string printing on the textured background!

Third Grade texture rubbings Third Grade texture rubbings Third Grade texture rubbings

First Grade Slugs

Our First Grade artists have been busy creating….SLUGS!  We read the silly book Slugs by David Greenberg, and then created GIANT slugs!

Slugs by David Greenberg

We drew our slugs with a big black marker, colored their fancy clothes with crayon and painted their bodies with brown watercolor.  The last step was to review the art element of Texture and then use texture rubbing plates to create a great textured background.

P9160691 First Grade Slugs First Grade Slugs First Grade Girl Slug First Grade Boy Slug

Kindergarten Clay Project

Kindergarten artists are thrilled with their new clay pendants!  We have been learning about the art element of texture, and our clay pendants were created using various texture tools to decorate the surface of the clay.

Clay Pendant Pre-Kindergarten with Pendants Twins with Pendants! Clay Pendants Clay Texture Pendants

And, I must credit a fellow art teacher for this project idea – visit Art With Mr. E – I’d like to be a student in his Tennessee classroom too!