Fifth Grade O’Keeffe Flowers

Fifth Grade O’Keeffe Flowers

Georgetown 5th grade artists explored the art of American artist Georgia O’Keeffe.  Their large flower paintings in the style of O’Keeffe are beauties!

 They began by identifying the art elements that O’Keeffe used to create her large “Red Poppy” painting. We discussed organic shapes, texture, line, value, color, and of course…”filling space in a beautiful way” like O’keeffe.

 Red Poppy

Their pieces are painted with tempera paints and black glue was used for line and detail.

Learning Targets: Identify art elements used in O’Keeffe’s work; retell two facts about O’Keeffe; create an art piece that fills the picture space.

Parents!  Check out your 5th Grader’s flower painting at our ARTSONIA art gallery HERE!


Winter Foxes From Georgetown’s Amazing Fourth Grade Artists

Fourth grade artists rocked their painting skills while creating these fabulous winter foxes.  They mixed their own tints and shades to create shadows and depth on their pieces, and did a great job outlining their foxes with small brushes and black tempera paint.

Love these paintings as much as I do?  See more at our ARTSONIA on line art gallery here.

Big thanks to Little Dog Art Blog for this project inspiration!


One More Project

Our final project this year was a stunner – AND it helped me use up all the odd bits of tempera paint in the paint cupboard.  (Little known art fact – old tempera paint does NOT keep over the summer…peee-yew to smelly paint in the paint cupboard!)


Students traced circles on long banner paper, then each student was given one color and a brush, and moved around the room painting their color on all the banners.  The final step on our group project was to add extra dots and embellish the circles, and finish with a black painted background.

IMG_0848 IMG_0849 IMG_0873 IMG_0874 IMG_0875 IMG_0876 IMG_0883 IMG_0885

Best of all…our finished banners are now on display in our art room; aren’t they great?  (Let’s not talk about Mrs. Brouwer climbing to the top of the 20 foot ladder and hanging on tight while slinging these over the metal ceiling support bars…all while muttering to herself, “don’t look down….don’t look down”…)

IMG_0909 IMG_0910 IMG_0911

With the new banners in place and the art room packed up after another year, it is time to enjoy a break.  I’ll see you all this September – don’t forget to visit us on ARTSONIA, where you’ll find over 13,000 of our art masterpieces on display!  ~Mrs. Brouwer

2nd Grade Tigers


After learning about the life and art of Henri Rousseau, 2nd graders at Georgetown created these ferocious tigers in the style of Rousseau.  They learned that Rousseau liked to paint jungle scenes with wild animals even though he had never been to the jungle or had ever seen a wild animal. First the artists drew the tiger and painted it. Then they painted and cut out flowers and leaves to create a jungle scene. These tigers turned out great even though none of these artists had ever been to the jungle either!



See more of our ferocious tigers at our Artsonia On-Line Art Gallery!

There are lots of tiger projects out there on art blogs – we’d like to thank Alum Creek Elementary School’s Artsonia page for our project inspiration! See their page here.


Kindergarten Secondary Pumpkins


Kindergarten artists are learning about Primary and Secondary colors. Students were given play dough in Primary colors and found out that Primary colors can mix together to form new colors we call Secondary colors. Students then drew pumpkins on paper and were given paint in Primary colors. They mixed the yellow and red paint on the paper to make orange for their pumpkins. They mixed yellow and blue on their paper to make green for their leaves. After the pumpkins dried, they cut them out and glued them on purple paper. All three secondary colors are represented on their final project; orange, green and purple. Way to go Kindergarteners! Your pumpkins turned out great.



See more cute pumpkins at our ARTSONIA Art Gallery!


O’Keeffe Flowers

Georgetown’s 5th Grade artists have finished up their O’Keeffe flowers, and their completed pieces are stunning!  We focused on the art elements for this project, and the 5th graders were amazed to see how many important art elements were included in their flower paintings.

IMG_4313Art Elements we used!

imgres O’Keeffe “Red Poppy”

After viewing O’Keeffe’s “Red Poppy”, 5th graders filled their picture space just like O’Keeffe did, and used a warm/cool color palette to paint their flowers.  Their final step – adding black glue lines – really made these beauties POP!

IMG_4099 IMG_4100 IMG_4220

IMG_4264 IMG_4274 IMG_4282 IMG_4290 IMG_4297

See more of our O’Keeffe flowers at our Artsonia Gallery!

Second Grade Sunflowers

Ooh La La, don’t you love these sunflowers created by my talented second graders?  We’ve been looking at the sunflowers painted by Vincent VanGogh and reading the cute story by ~

Laurence Anholt, Camille and the Sunflowers.

Our beautiful sunflowers were drawn with large permanent markers and colored with water soluble oil pastels.  The black tempera background really makes our flowers pop!


Parents – you can find your child’s artwork for this project on our ARTSONIA site too!

This project was inspired by this image from Mirocomachiko’s blog.

End of the Year Murals

Well everyone – we’re done in the Art Room until September.  Before we go, here’s one last project from our fabulous G-Town artists!

What to do with all that opened paint that won’t keep over the summer months?  What to do now that the District Art Show is over?  HOW to keep summer-ready students interested and excited about making art?  Hello, Pinterest and the inspiration for this awesome mural project!

Big, big thanks to Katie at Experiments in Art Education for this very cool end of the year project.  My kiddos LOVED it.  Their comments as they were painting were awesome to hear, including this one:  “Mrs. Brouwer, I could do this ALL DAY!!”

Here’s what we did:

1) Talked about murals – interestingly, I have never taught a mural lesson, and I need to expand on that idea – many of my students were not familiar with murals and mural artists.  Yikes!

2) Began with black line shapes.  The shapes could not touch, and when the paper was full, we connected the shapes with lines.

3) Painted the shapes with color – each student got a cup of color and was instructed to walk around the room, adding color to all the murals in different areas.

4) Final step – we outlined around the shapes again to make ’em POP.   Love, love love these.  They will decorate the art room and our hallways in the fall.  Can’t wait!

  Ta-Daa!  Finished Mural.

Have a great summer, everyone!




Kandinsky Project

Georgetown fourth grade artists are finishing up a big Kandinsky project this week.  The  project is stunning, and we can’t wait to hang these in the hallway!

After looking at Kandinsky’s Several Circles No. 323 and discussing abstract art, we got started.

  Several Circles No. 323

We began by thinking about texture and color as we created our background.

texture background

Next came tempera paint in rainbow order, with a little white thrown in for playing with tints.

painting – rainbow order

We traced circles and painted over our marker lines with black tempera paint.

tracing circles and painting with tempera

Then – more color, this time thinking about warm and cool colors as we painted the circles.

One more look at Kandinsky’s circle painting and a big discussion about eye path and leading the viewer through the artwork by using shape and color….and finally, cutting our circles, carefully placing them on the background, and gluing the circles down.  The results….stunning.

Assembling Kandinsky project

Finished pieces!


This project was inspired by “Brooke’s Quilt #3” …. check it out, it is lovely!





Big Fish Project

A few weeks ago, I realized that I had not given my 4th grade artists a chance to work “really big” this year – probably because my 4th grade groups are so large – 30 kids is a bunch of artists to “go big”!  So we began the Big Fish project  – a review of line, pattern, shape, color….using tempera paint and gadget printmaking.  I LOVE these – I think I will try them again next year!

fourth grade fish fourth grade fish fourth grade fish fourth grade fish fourth grade fish fourth grade fish fourth grade fish