New from our Fourth Graders – Still Life With Zentangles

Fourth grade artists are wrapping up their first big project – a still life drawing with a zentangle background.  After viewing the still life paintings of Cezanne, Pop artist Roy Lichtenstein’s “Still Life with Crystal Bowl” became our inspiration piece.


Fourth graders carefully drew their vases and colored them with crayons. They added bright fruits, coloring them with markers and remembering to add the special highlight on the fruit to give it a modern, almost cartoonish look.

img_1156 img_1157 img_1158 img_1161 img_1162

Their still life drawings were completed with Zentangle line drawings.  After practicing different Zentangles in their sketchbooks, they added their favorites to the background and foreground of their pieces.

img_1040 img_1041 img_1042 img_1043

img_1359 img_1360 img_1362 img_1364

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Giant Georgias

Fifth Grade artists really loved their Georgia O’Keeffe project!  They learned that O’Keeffe liked to fill the picture space and work BIG.  They were also surprised to discover that O’Keeffe was often upset with her art instructors because they wanted her to follow their rules and create art the way they taught her….and O’Keeffe wanted to experiment with her art and do her own thing!

There was pure excitement in the room as they learned about their assignment: to find an object in the art room, sketch it in their sketchbook, and then…draw BIG.  It was fun to watch the process; some kids knew right away what they wanted to draw, and others experimented with several items until they were happy with their choice.  Others brought items in from home to make their own still life composition.  Check out their concentration as they begin their Giant Georgias!

IMG_0525 IMG_0526 IMG_0531 IMG_0533 IMG_0759 IMG_0761

Their finished projects are fabulous – each student’s personality really shines through!

IMG_0760 IMG_0762 IMG_0832 IMG_0833 IMG_0834 IMG_0835

Here We Go!

Georgetown artists dove right in to their art making during our first week back to school!  Artists in grades 1-3 remembered how to use their “art eyes” and power of observation as they created simple still life drawings.  Fourth and Fifth grade artists enjoyed putting their sketchbooks together and beginning a fun “scribble drawing” sketchbook assignment.

still life still life still life still life still life

Sketchbook Time.  sketchbooks sketchbooks

IMG_9980Mrs. B’s Sketchbook Scribble Drawing

Traveling Art

Last week we had the privilege of sending another Georgetown work of art to our friends from our Sister School in Raey Guang, Taiwan.

This is our third piece of artwork that has traveled to Taiwan – we hope our friends enjoy this Still Life that was created by 5th Grader Matthew.  Matthew shared that the best part about his “Still Life With Zentangles” was that after learning how to draw zentangles, he created his own zentangle designs to add to his piece.

Congratulations, Matthew!


More of these Zentangle Still Life pieces can be found in our Artsonia Student Gallery!