Acorn Art

My first grade artists will be exploring color over the next few weeks.   We began with a little color “play” as we created these beautiful giant acorns.  We talked about earth tone colors, warm colors, and I discovered that some of my smart artist were familiar with neutral colors!

We read two books that inspired us during this project – Lois Ehlert’s “Nuts To You” and “Micawber” by John Lithgow.

We also examined lots of acorns from Mrs. Brouwer’s oak trees.  Then it was time to draw…and paint…and add texture details.

I love their acorns – and can’t wait to get them hung up in the hallway.

This lesson was inspired by a blog posting from a fellow art teacher….when I figure it out, I’ll include the link….

And here it is….belated thanks to Dali’s Moustache!  Check it out, here’s the link to this fun blog:

Dali’s Moustache