Kindergarten Snowmen

There isn’t any snow for us to go outside and build a snowman, so why not build a snowman in the art room? That is exactly what the Kindergarten artists did! Students had a fun class exploring with model magic to create their snowmen. They turned out so cute, and now they can say they […]

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First Grade Snowmen

First Grade artists have been working on a fun little snowman project.  Last week we drew our skinny snowmen with tall hats and painted the background – reviewing our warm and cool colors of course!  This week we read a favorite snowman book – Beuhner’s  “Snowmen at Night”; colored some great patterns on our scarves […]

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Surreal Snowmen

Some of my 5th Grade artists have been creating these crazy collage snowmen this week – we decided that they look a bit surreal!

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