Fifth Grade Snazzy Snowflakes

I am soooo in love with these snowflakes created by Georgetown’s 5th grade artists.  This began as a quick project to fill in between some longer projects that we were finishing up.  Little did I know how beautiful they would all turn out. Every single one is amazing!

It all began with these stencils I purchased last year…what to do with them?

Add markers – and a whole lot of 5th grade creativity – and WOW.

Our 5th grade boys are cool dudes…but not too cool to create some amazing snowflakes!

Did I already say how much I love these snowflakes?  I do.  I really do!  Nice job, 5th graders – you are incredible artists!

Want to see more of these beauties?  Check them out HERE at our Artsonia on-line Georgetown Art Museum!


Snowflake Owls

Second grade artists had a blast cutting the “perfect” snowflake for their paper collage owls.  They learned how to do a special “snowflake fold” and tried out some new scissor cutting techniques for making spectacular snowflakes.  Aren’t these owls a hoooot!


Like ’em?  See lots more on our ARTSONIA Museum site!

Winter Snowflakes

We’ve had several inches of snow this week, to the delight of our students.  Makes a nice tie-in to the snowflake project that some of my classes have been enjoying.  Since some of my classes are playing “catch up” with other projects, I started these snowflakes in some of my 5th and 3rd grades.  I think this was a project I saw on Artsonia – so if it’s yours, let me know so I can give you credit for a project that my students are loving!

Snowflakes - 5th/3rd Grade

Snowflakes - 5th/3rd Snowflakes - 5th/3rd Grade Snowflakes - 5th/3rd

We drew our snowflakes with crayon and then outlined them with oil pastel – my kiddos enjoyed the way the oil pastel made the crayon look all “foggy”.  Then we painted over the snowflake with watercolor and added salt on top.  During the next class we rubbed the salt off to reveal beautiful splotches and textures.

Snowflake Painting Snowflake Painting Snowflake Painting

And finally – a little splash of glitter.  Now I know some of you art teachers out there don’t like glitter…so sorry about breaking the glitter ban….but ya gotta have a little glitter on a snowflake!

Glitter Girls

Putting on The Glitz!