A Little Horn-Tooting!

I love reading to my artists, and we often find inspiration for our artwork from books we look at in the art room.  One of my book-inspired projects caught the eye of Angie Miles at Happy Reading, a website devoted to literacy.

Angie interviewed me about a Lois Ehlert art project that I created with my 1st Graders – follow this link to read my words of wisdom!  The Snowball Effect

First Grade Ehlert

Lois Ehlert Bird Collages

First Grade artists are finishing up a project inspired by Lois Ehlert’s winter story, “Snowballs”.  Ehlert-Snowballs

We created a cardinal collage and learned about the French word, collage, or “to glue” along the way!   The cardinal was made by folding a red construction paper circle in half like a taco – and in half again – and one more time, to make an ice cream cone – and we end up with how many triangles  – eight!  Students cut along the fold lines and played with their triangles “like a puzzle” to build a standing or flying bird.  Everyone’s bird is different since we all put our “bird puzzles” together in our own way.

First Grade Cardinals First Grade Cardinals First Grade Cardinals First Grade Cardinals

There’s something so fascinating about using the paper punch – and my 1st graders loved punching out a big pile of white tagboard holes for the “snow”!

Paper Punch Paper Punch