Sheep and Sailboats

Two Georgetown artists had their art work selected for permanent display at the Hudsonville Public Schools Administrative Offices. These pieces were gifted to the Board of Education in honor of their service for our district schools.

Mason Weber, a first grader in Mrs. Smith’s class, gifted SHEEP IN A MEADOW, a piece he created when he was kindergartener in Mrs. Persch’s art class. Allison Pepper, a second grader in Mrs. Ray’s class, gifted her piece, MONET’s BOAT, to the Board of Education. Allison created this piece when she was in Mrs. Brouwer’s first grade art class.

It was an honor to celebrate these two great artists and our Board of Education!


Russell The Sheep

This week my kinders and I read one of my favorite books, Russell The Sheep by Rob Scotton.


We drew some fun Russell sheepies ourselves – the most fun, of course, was drawing Russell’s long striped hat!  This was an easy little project, just markers and white oil pastels for Russell’s wool.  Cute little guys, aren’t they?

Russell the Sheep Russell the Sheep