A Few More….

Well everyone, we are finishing our last selections for the 14th Annual HPS District Art Show.  Here are our most recent masterpieces – congratulations, artists!

IMG_2742 IMG_2743 IMG_2744 IMG_2745 IMG_2746 IMG_2747 IMG_2748 IMG_2750


Check here for more art show information!  Hudsonville Art Program

Jabuti The Tortoise

Second grade artists have created a new work of art based on a book by Gerald McDermott, “Jabuti the Tortoise”.  Jabuti is a tortoise from the Amazon Rain Forest who loves to play tricks on his friends.  Second graders enjoyed the story, but the best part was creating their own tortoises!

books Jabuti

IMG_2352 IMG_2354

Creating the chalk border for our Jabuti drawings, and the finished pieces.

IMG_2622 IMG_2621 IMG_2618 IMG_2592


See more of this project on our ARTSONIA Online Art Gallery here.

Really, Really BIG Squids!

Second Grade artists have been enjoying Kevin Sherry’s books about squids, including his I‘m The Biggest Thing In the Ocean!

They created their own big squids and painted them with tempera paint.  The best part?  Drawing all those cool TEXTURE squiggles in the wet tempera paint with a special rubber tipped squiggle brush.  The hardest part?  Outlining with a big black crayon and shading the edges for that special squid look – the final step really took a long time!

IMG_0701 IMG_0702 IMG_0703 IMG_0704 IMG_0706 Squiggle close-up!


Second Grade Story Quilts

Second grade artists have been studying the work of American artist Faith Ringgold.  They were intrigued by her famous Story Quilts and enjoyed reading the story and words that surround her quilts.

Ringgold - "The Sunflower Quilting Bee at Arles"

Ringgold – “The Sunflower Quilting Bee at Arles”

Second graders learned how to weave paper to create their “quilt” and added stories about themselves to finish the piece.  They created a giant cover to hold their weavings, and took them home – just in time for Mother’s Day!

IMG_9047 IMG_9048 IMG_9049

Ringgold - Story Quilt

Ringgold – Story Quilt

Ringgold - Story Quilt

Ringgold – Story Quilt

Snowflake Owls

Second grade artists had a blast cutting the “perfect” snowflake for their paper collage owls.  They learned how to do a special “snowflake fold” and tried out some new scissor cutting techniques for making spectacular snowflakes.  Aren’t these owls a hoooot!


Like ‘em?  See lots more on our ARTSONIA Museum site!

New Zealand Korus

What’s a Koru?  Ask a Georgetown second grade artist!  They will explain that a Koru is a New Zealand Maori word that means “loop”.  A koru looks like a fern frond or a spiral, and to the New Zealand Maori people the koru represents life, growth, strength, and peace.

Second grade artists drew these beautiful korus with a marker and finished them with carefully blended oil pastels.

 blending the koru with a paper tortillion.


Special thanks to the fourth graders at Alum Creek  Elementary School in Ohio for this project inspiration!

New Art Show Selections

Congratulations, Georgetown Artists!  Here are the latest selections for our 2013 HPS Student Art Show.  Thanks to our wonderful kindergarten art teacher, Mrs. Persch, for getting these masterpieces ready for the art show!


Edward and Edwina Emu

Second grade artists began their study of the culture of Australia and New Zealand by learning about some of the unique animals found in Australia.  We read two of my favorite books by Sheena Knowles, Edward the Emu and Edwina The Emu.  Second graders were also intrigued to see Mrs. Brouwer’s real emu egg!

We were so inspired by the beautiful drawings in the books (created by Rod Clement) that we created our own awesome Edward and Edwina Emus!  Look for more of our Emu drawings on Artsonia too!