Roy G. Biv

First grade artists wrapped up their color unit with a little rainbow order project and Mr. Roy G. Biv.  They painted their little birdies in rainbow order, and LOVED their Roy G. Biv bracelets!


Thanks to my fellow bloggers for these project ideas:

Rain bow birds – The Painter’s Palette

Roy G. Biv Bracelets and Template – FunArt4Kids


First Graders Meet Roy G. Biv

First graders began exploring color this week by meeting….Roy G. Biv.  As they created their own Rainbow Roys, they became experts at recognizing the colors of the rainbow – Red-Orange-Yellow-Green-Blue-Indigo-Violet!

  Check out the rainbow order teeth!

Color Mixing – Painting Roy’s Hair

This lesson is borrowed from Mrs. Bumgardner’s 1st Grade Classroom BlogThanks Mrs. B. for inspiring a new way to teach the colors of the rainbow!