Robot Fun

Kindergarten and first graders have been having fun drawing robots.

We read “Boy + Bot” and “The Robot Book” for inspiration and ideas.

Kinders drew their robots and added squishy sticky foam pieces for details.  They loved pushing the squishy “ON” and “OFF” buttons that they created!

First graders drew their bots with shiny metallic markers and added robot cut outs to create their funny robots.



Third Grade Robots

Third grade artists created these fun robots by tracing around some interesting objects.  They were surprised to learn that outlet plug covers and old watercolor trays could be used as stencils – especially fine for creating robot parts!

They focused on the art elements of line, shape, and color to finish up their “bots”.

Visit Georgetown’s Artsonia On-Line Art Museum to see more amazing robots! ARTSONIA


Each year, student artwork is selected for display at our Administration Building.  The framed artwork is “on loan” for one year and then returned to the students.  It is always a pleasure to drop the artwork off at the Administration Building – everyone there stops what they are doing and gathers around the art pieces, deciding (with perhaps a little friendly arguing) which piece will hang near their office for the year.

Two pieces have been selected for display from Georgetown Elementary.  Drum roll please….

Fourth Grade Braden’s “Boab Tree”

Boab Tree

Boab Tree

Kindergartener Jordan’s “Lizzy Robot”

"Lizzy Robot"

“Lizzy Robot”

Congratulations, artists!  Be sure to visit your artwork at the HPS Administration Building – 3886 Van Buren Street in Hudsonville!

Plug In Robots

Second grade artists have recently finished up these cool plug-in robots.  The head and body is created by tracing around an outlet switch plate cover, and the arms and legs are made by tracing around the trays that hold watercolors.  We did this project last year too, and it was so successful and the kids loved it ….so I repeated it this year.

I’ve been focusing on shading techniques with my second graders this year, and I think it shows in their creative coloring on these pieces.

Plug In Robot Plug In Robot Plug In Robot Plug In Robot Plug In Robot Plug In Robot

Frogs – and Robots!

A few kindergarten and 1st grade projects we’ve been working on!

Kinders created frogs on a log this week – lots of practice drawing circles.

kindergarten frog kindergarten frog kindergarten frog

We’re also finishing up fun robots in Kindergarten and First Grade.  We LOVE drawing robots – so easy, lots of squares and rectangles.

Kindergarten Robots…..kindergarten robot kindergarten robot kindergarten robot kindergarten robot kindergarten Robot

And First Grade Robots…first grade robot first grade robot first grade robot