Saving the best for last…Chihuly!

Georgetown’s 5th Grade artists recently learned about one final artist for the school year – and he turned out to be one of their favorites!  We discovered glass artist Dale Chihuly and created two works of art in his style – a beautiful chandelier made of recycled water bottles, and a macchia bowl installation that was created by draping colored coffee filters.

chandelier Chihuly Chandelier


Chihuly Macchia Bowls

Here are our masterpieces!

The Chihuly Chandelier

Chihuly Chadelier.jpg

The Macchia Bowls





Calder Sculptures

Fourth grade artists have been exploring the sculptures of Alexander Calder – they loved seeing photos of his studio filled with bits of wire and junk!

Calder in his studio.

I gave my students a Calder Challenge for their sculptures:

1) their sculpture must have both moving (mobile) parts and non-moving (stabile) parts

2) their sculpture must have visual interest from every angle

The challenge was met – as you can see!

 Lots of good recycled junk to choose from!

 Sculpture in the works


Drawing our sculptures in our sketchbooks – translating what we see from 3D to 2D!

And some completed Calder-esque masterpieces….






Airport Art

Sometimes you can find art in the most interesting places!  These shots are from a recent layover in the San Francisco Airport….both sculptures are made from recycled items.  The Egyptian piece is made entirely from food packaging scraps including straws and food wrappers.  The guitar girl is made from found items…can you find a straw basket?  What else do you see?!!