Meet the Pumpkin Princess

Fifth grade artists created these pumpkins in the style of Japanese pop artist Yayoi Kusama.  Known as the Pumpkin Princess, her large pumpkin sculptures and art pieces are filled with polka dots.  Her pumpkins are often placed on a neon colored background with a pattern that she calls a “net”.

images-1 images-2 Kusamaimages


Georgetown 5th grade artists created their Kusama-inspired pieces by printing a net background with cardboard pieces and carefully filling their pumpkins with a variety of dots.  Their project is a fun twist on the usual Fall pumpkin artwork!

IMG_8237 IMG_8795 IMG_8804 IMG_8822 IMG_8842

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Student “I Can” goals:

I can talk about the work of Japanese artist Kusama; I can create an art piece in the pop art style of Kusama; I can place carefully drawn dots to create movement and visual interest on my art piece.

Kindergarten Secondary Pumpkins


Kindergarten artists are learning about Primary and Secondary colors. Students were given play dough in Primary colors and found out that Primary colors can mix together to form new colors we call Secondary colors. Students then drew pumpkins on paper and were given paint in Primary colors. They mixed the yellow and red paint on the paper to make orange for their pumpkins. They mixed yellow and blue on their paper to make green for their leaves. After the pumpkins dried, they cut them out and glued them on purple paper. All three secondary colors are represented on their final project; orange, green and purple. Way to go Kindergarteners! Your pumpkins turned out great.



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Piles of Pumpkins

My fourth grade artists recently brainstormed some of the many reasons that artists make art, including: to make money (!), to express yourself, to relax, and….to give as a gift.

Since we will soon be hosting students from Raey Guang Elementary, our sister school in Pingtung, Taiwan, we put our creative abilities to work and made these fun bookmarks to welcome our friends to Georgetown.

Our friends will be visiting over Halloween so they can experience this American holiday.  We hope they enjoy our Halloween bookmarks!


First Grade Fall Collages

First grade artists are finishing up these beautiful fall collages.  This was a busy project and my first graders did a great job following directions – painting pumpkins and gourds, creating texture leaf rubbings, carefully cutting out many pieces for their collages, thoughtfully arranging them on their paper background, learning to OVERLAP, and finally, adding the much-anticipated silver and copper painted details!  Whew!

This project was inspired by a project I found on Pinterest….unfortunately, the web address given won’t work.  So if this is your project that I “borrowed”, please let me know so I can give you credit here – my first graders loved this fall collage!

The Great Pumpkin Project

My second grade artists have been learning about the art element of VALUE this month.  This is kind of a difficult concept for second grade but I wanted to lay the groundwork for future projects relating to value.

So we began with a simple shading project using artist pencils.  My kiddos were excited to use the REAL art pencils and blending stumps to create their carefully blended and shaded masks.

Second Grade Masks/Value Second Grade Masks/Value

They really did grasp the way to shade from dark to light in this project!  Next we moved on to pumpkins and I introduced value again, this time created by shading with color.  We used oil pastels and blending stumps to shade and blend our pumpkins, creating the illusion of a very rounded form – with awesome results!

Second Grade Pumpkin Second Grade Pumpkins Second Grade Pumpkins

Our principal, Mrs. Reagan, so dearly loved our pumpkins – so three now decorate her office door!

Mrs. Reagan's Office Door