Hey, It’s Cold Out There!

We’ve been keeping warm in the art room as we create these snow-inspired winter projects.

Kindergarten artists drew fun penguins; don’t you love how their penguins are waving to you from their snowy icebergs?

What’s not to love about these snow bears?  Second grade artists said that they liked drawing them the best.  And adding the scarves and hats.  And oh yeah, painting the cool backgrounds.

Third grade artists reviewed the parts of a landscape before drawing and painting their detailed winter village scenes.  Their sky backgrounds – ooh la la!

Can’t get enough of Georgetown’s fabulous winter art?  See more HERE at our Artsonia on-line art gallery!  We’ve got over 13,000 masterpieces on display for you to enjoy!


Winter Penguins

After reading Penguins by Liz Pichon, Kindergarten artists created their own penguins with crayons and watercolor. In the story the penguins in the zoo find a camera and use it to take pictures of themselves. The camera gets returned to the owner and has many pictures of penguins on it. The students created pictures of their penguins in different poses. These projects can also be found on Artsonia here.

Kindergarten Penguins

Kindergarten artists are finishing up some cute little penguins this week.  We’ve been learning about texture, so we created a background by rubbing texture plates with white crayons, then painted over the texture rubbing with blue watercolor to really make the texture pop.

During our next class, I read Florence Minor’s “If You Were A Penguin” .

If  You Were A Penquin

We figured out how to cut an oval from a 9×12 piece of construction paper (cut the corners off!) and learned how to fold an orange square in half to make a beak and to cut feet.  The eyes – so easy – round stickers with a hole punched in the center.  We finished up with details in oil pastel.  Cute!

Penguin Penguin

Penguin Penguin