Sippin’ Hot Chocolate in the Art Room!

What could be better on a cold snowy day than a cup of hot chocolate?  My talented Fifth Grade artists drew beautiful cups of steaming hot chocolate, concentrating on pattern and color as they created their designs.

And the really fun part of this project….Mrs. Brouwer stirring up cups of hot chocolate for everyone to sip on as they worked.  We were using scented markers, but the hot chocolate wafting through the room smelled WAY better!

This project was inspired by Heather Galler on Etsy.

Fifth Grade Silhouettes

Fifth Grade artists have been reviewing the art elements as they design their silhouettes.  After briefly discussing silhouettes and recalling that the traditional silhouette is an outline without features on the inside, we began jazzing up our own silhouettes.  I traced each student’s features and then they got busy using shape, color, line, and texture to fill in their silhouette.

  Traditional Silhouette

  I was thrilled to see many of my 5th graders refer to their sketchbooks for Zentangle ideas to fill their silhouettes.

A few finished pieces – they all turned out so great!  This is a project that I haven’t done in a number of years – my 5th graders really enjoyed working on their silhouettes.

Let The Artmaking Begin!

We are back to school today; it is good to see all those smiling faces!  My kiddos were happy to get busy with a fun line, shape, color, and pattern review project to get the creative ideas hopping – and these owls did the trick.  Whoooo wouldn’t love drawing up a few of these?

Kinders Make Caterpillars and Shape People

My kinders have been working on two projects during the month of May.  We reviewed pattern as we created these cool caterpillars.

Kindergarten Caterpillars kindergarten caterpillars kindergarten caterpillars kindergarten caterpillars

We also reviewed shapes as we created these people by printing with bottle caps and other gadgets – and then colored our people with crayons.

Kindergarten gadget prints kindergarten gadget prints kindergarten gadget prints

Kindergarten Pattern Flowers

My kinders had fun experimenting with pattern this week.  They cut out a large circle with a dot pre-printed in the center….then practiced painting “top, bottom, side, side” to create a beautiful pattern.  The art room was very quiet as they all whispered “top, bottom, side, side” while they painted!  While the flowers dried, they created a very tall stem and leaves and colored those with more patterns.  Finally – a bit of glue, and our pattern flowers were ready to hang and admire!

Kindergarten Pattern Flowers Kindergarten Pattern Flowers

I think the “top, bottom, side, side” part of this project is from an old Arts & Activities lesson- I added the flower stem to extend the pattern play into a 50 minute art session for my kinders.