Fifth Graders Explore Metal Repousse

Fifth Grade artists learned about metal repousse, the ancient art of embossing or pressing shapes into metal. After embossing their designs, they wiped India Ink on the surface to bring out the textures and patterns. They finished their piece by extending their patterns from the foil onto black paper. Some students preferred the shiny surface […]

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Snow Angels

Georgetown Fourth Grade Artists recently completed these beautiful Snow Angels.  As they created their colorful angels, fourth graders focused on three art principles: pattern, emphasis, and balance.  More student pieces from this project can also be found in our on-line art gallery, ARTSONIA.

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Turkey Day Turkeys

Just in time for Thanksgiving….second grade artists have been reviewing line and pattern as they created these funky turkeys.  Gobble gobble!  

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Hoot! Hoot! First Grade Pattern Owls

Gotta love these pattern owls created by my awesome first grade artists!  Aren’t they a hoot? drawing…and finished painted pieces.  Awww.         See more owls – visit Georgetown’s art gallery on ARTSONIA!

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Third Grade Architecture Study

Third grade artists have begun their study of Middle Eastern Art, our Cultural Focus for this school year.  We began by comparing and contrasting Middle Eastern architecture with buildings that we are familiar with here in Michigan.  Everyone was fascinated by the domes and arched doors of the Middle Eastern mosques, and could hardly wait […]

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Sippin’ Hot Chocolate in the Art Room!

What could be better on a cold snowy day than a cup of hot chocolate?  My talented Fifth Grade artists drew beautiful cups of steaming hot chocolate, concentrating on pattern and color as they created their designs. And the really fun part of this project….Mrs. Brouwer stirring up cups of hot chocolate for everyone to […]

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Piles of Presents

First grade artists are creating stacks of patterned presents this week.  Oh the excitement of making a big pile of presents for yourself!

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Awesome Patterns

My fourth and fifth grade artists have been doing some stunning work with patterns this year.  Check out these close up shots of their work.

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Fifth Grade Silhouettes

Fifth Grade artists have been reviewing the art elements as they design their silhouettes.  After briefly discussing silhouettes and recalling that the traditional silhouette is an outline without features on the inside, we began jazzing up our own silhouettes.  I traced each student’s features and then they got busy using shape, color, line, and texture […]

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Second Grade Pattern Fish

Third graders are finishing up a fish project this week.  We focused on shape and pattern and finished with lots of beads for extra sparkle and texture.  Our inspiration was a new art room book, Trudy Harris’ “Pattern Fish”.

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