More for the Art Show!

Our annual HPS Student Art Show is coming up!  The show features over 700 works of art from grades K-12, including 100 masterpieces from Georgetown’s finest! The show is held at the Hudsonville City Hall reception room and will run from April 20-28, 2015.  Georgetown artists will have a special reception from 5:30-7:30 PM on […]

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Picasso Portraits

First Grade artists have been exploring the abstract work of Spanish artist Pablo Picasso.  They learned that Picasso worked in a style called Cubism.  After looking at lots of cubist art pieces, our smart first graders decided that cubism is when an artist uses lots of shapes and shows details from different views in the same […]

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Big Shoe Review

Third grade artists have been reviewing their curriculum in a fun way…the Big Shoe Review!  After drawing a giant tennis shoe, they illustrated the shoe with images and information about one of their favorite artists.  We learn about many artists throughout the school year, and we focus on three artists at each grade level every […]

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Picasso’s Christmas Trees

Georgetown’s second grade artists finished up this final project before Christmas break.  My smart second graders impressed me by recalling concepts that we learned as first graders – warm and cool colors, cubism, and even the famous artist, Pablo Picasso.  And since they were learning how to use rulers in their classroom, second graders had […]

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First Graders Explore Picasso

First Grade artists have been learning about Pablo Picasso and cubism.  We found many shapes and colors in Picasso’s “Three Musicians” painting – and everyone enjoyed finding the dog hidden with the musicians! Three Musicans by Pablo Picasso We created our own versions of the Three Musicians, adding texture to our background and lots of […]

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Picasso Blue Guitars

Credit and big thanks to Ren over at Dali’s Moustache for this project.  My 3rd graders loved creating these Picasso guitar collages! We looked at Picasso’s guitar collages – my students were intrigued by the “find the guitar” feeling of these collages. Pablo Picasso – Guitar Here are our blue guitars!

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First Grade Picassos

First graders have been learning about Pablo Picasso and cubism this week.  They’ve had great fun talking about Picasso’s portraits that show many views of the face at the same time. We created our own Picasso portraits, and included a review of warm, cool, and neutral colors as we painted our portraits. The final step […]

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