The T.P. Tube Experiment

What to do with a big bag of t.p. tubes….turn ’em into owls, of course!  I was inspired by the many projects floating around Pinterest and on other art teacher blogs that use t.p. tubes, so my 4th graders and I began an experiment in problem solving to create our owls.

We smooshed the t.p. tube top down and taped it with colored tape to create the head.  Next we wrapped yarn around the base for color, added cardboard wings, feathers, and a nice beak.  We used some little condiment cups from my stash of donated supplies for the eyes,  and finished our birds with big google eyes.

Our final step was to tell our viewers about our owl friends.  My fourth grade artists named their owls and wrote creative little stories about their owls.  Sweet!

owls in progress!

box of owls ready to be put on display in our library.

Let The Artmaking Begin!

We are back to school today; it is good to see all those smiling faces!  My kiddos were happy to get busy with a fun line, shape, color, and pattern review project to get the creative ideas hopping – and these owls did the trick.  Whoooo wouldn’t love drawing up a few of these?