A Few More….

Well everyone, we are finishing our last selections for the 14th Annual HPS District Art Show.  Here are our most recent masterpieces – congratulations, artists!

IMG_2742 IMG_2743 IMG_2744 IMG_2745 IMG_2746 IMG_2747 IMG_2748 IMG_2750


Check here for more art show information!  Hudsonville Art Program

Guatemalan Quetzal Birds

Georgetown’s third grade artists finished up their study of Mexico and South America with an exciting mixed-media project.  They began by learning about the Ojo de Dios weavings found in Mexico, and created their own Ojo weaving.  Once they got the hang of weaving their Ojo’s, the begged to make more – they have been promised another weaving session very soon!

Ojo de Dios weavings

IMG_2738 IMG_2740 IMG_2741


The Ojo weavings were added to the top of the 3rd grader’s beautiful drawings of a Guatemalan Quetzal bird.  The brightly colored Quetzal is the national bird of Guatemala and lives in the cloud forests of Central America.  Third graders worked hard to carefully shade and color their quetzals – aren’t their finished pieces wonderful?

IMG_2670 IMG_2680 IMG_2692 IMG_2704


See more of our quetzal project on ARTSONIA here.

Final Fifth Grade Projects

As we enter our last week of school, my 5th graders are finishing up some final projects.  Here’s what we’ve been working on.

Georgia O’Keeffe flowers – we tried our hand at drawing some tiny O’Keeffe flowers instead of the huge ones that we usually create – they turned out like little jewels!

O'keeffe flowers

Ojo de Dios (God’s Eyes) – my kiddos really enjoyed learning this stick weaving – every student want to make a second one, so we spent several class periods working on these.  The Ojo’s are an easy form of star weaving.  There are lots of websites that give examples and tutorials along with cultural information.

I pre-glued a bunch of popsicle sticks to make the weaving process smoother – after a quick demonstration, my kids really loved this project.

Ojo de Dios Ojo de Dios

Zentangles – this was actually our very first art project last fall.  See the introduction and information about Zengangles here.  Our Zentangles have been displayed in the art room this year – last week I (sadly) cut them apart and returned the individual Zentangles to my students.  Here’s a look at our Zentangle work.

zentangles zentangles zentangles zentangles