Welcome Back!


Hello Georgetown Artists! Mrs. Brouwer and Mrs. Persch would like to welcome you to Georgetown! We’ve been busy getting two art rooms ready for you – yes, you read that right, TWO ART ROOMS! Mrs. Persch will also have an art room this year and will teach Kindergarten and one 1st and 2nd grade at Georgetown, and Mrs. Brouwer will teach 1st through 5th grade art in the other art room. We can’t wait to show you all the changes we’ve made, and to start creating beautiful works of art with you.

Please drop by for a visit during Open House times next week – see the Georgetown Blog for open house information.

See you all September 2nd!

The Art Making Machine is Gearing Up!

As we enter our third week of school, our students are finishing up their first projects of the school year.  Here’s a look at what we are working on:

5th Grade…spent their first rotation brainstorming about the reasons we make art.  Check back for our cool “Making Art” video coming soon!  This week we are also working on our first 5th grade artist, Georgia O’Keeffe.  Check out our O’Keeffe-style flowers!

Sept Art Projects 001

4th Grade….we are finishing up two projects already!  We reviewed the art elements and created Art Hair Dudes.  Now we are making cut paper masks, and we can’t wait to add details with metallic crayons next week.

Sept Art Projects 011Sept Art Projects 002

3rd Grade….some of us are finishing up our imaginary art trees.  We are also learning about Radial Symmetry and creating a cool piece using wall paper.  Next week we’ll be doing the really fun part – adding “rays” using all of our old markers and pencils!

Sept Art Projects 010Sept Art Projects 003

2nd Grade….we reviewed lines and created beautiful Ripple Leaves last week.  Now we are working on our “Wild Things” and adding as much texture as we can to our creatures.

Sept Art Projects 008Sept Art Projects 007

1st Grade….we made Ripple Leaves too!  We also thought about shapes and colors as we started our shape chameleon project.

Sept Art Projects 009

Kindergarten….Pink Pigs!!  We practiced drawing lots and lots of circles to make our piggies!

Sept Art Projects 004

Mrs. Anderson’s 3rd graders are working on their “Name Mountains”, and her 2nd graders are looking at the shapes and lines found in Miro’s paintings and creating their own Miro critter.

Sept Art Projects 006Sept Art Projects 005

A busy week in the art room….

Whew, we’ve been busy this week!  Most classes are finishing up projects related to our recent study and review of color.  Fifth graders began some beautiful winter landscapes, and fourth graders are continuing their study of Edgar Degas and focusing on drawing figures.  Third graders began a project in the style of “Blue Dog” artist George Rodrigue, while first and second graders worked on projects relating to colors…warm/cool cityscapes for 2nd grade and primary/secondary vehicles for first grade.  And kindergartners explored collage as they created very cool penguins!  Here are some pictures of our week!