Scientific Drawings

Thinking about a new career?  Georgetown third grade artists learned all about becoming a scientific illustrator.  They discovered that a scientific drawing is a detailed, accurate drawing that can be used to illustrate a textbook or to help study a plant or animal. They enjoyed studying leaves, feathers, pinecones, and other objects from nature as they created these beautiful and accurate drawings.

IMG_8175 IMG_8177 IMG_8178 IMG_8179 (1)

For a final fun step, third graders painted and printed leaves for a pop of color.  We have some future scientific illustrators who will be looking for a job soon!

IMG_8231 IMG_8234

I Can Goals:

* I can make observations and detailed drawings of natural objects

* I can create an eye path and movement with thoughtful placement of drawings on my paper

Third Grade Nature Drawings

Third Graders completed their line review with observation drawings from nature.  After examining the detailed drawings of Albrecht Durer, third graders were excited to create their own drawings from nature by looking at loads of leaves, dried flowers and branches from Mrs. Brouwer’s garden.  I learned later from my students that they were studying plants in their classroom  – so our art project became a great tie-in to their classroom curriculum.  I love it when those connections happen!

The final step in this project was to add some color by printing leaves – we painted leaves with tempera paint and pressed them onto our drawings.

Nature Drawings-3rd Grade Leaf Printing-3rd Grade Leaf Printing-3rd Grade Third Grade Nature Drawings and Printing