First Graders Visit Egypt

Georgetown firsties are learning about the art and culture of Egypt.  We found many of shapes and mysterious Egyptian symbols on the beautiful mummy case of Lady Teshat.  First graders learned that Lady Teshat was the daughter of the treasurer of the Temple of Amon at Thebes.  Her detailed burial mask gives us a clue as to how she may have looked as a young girl.

 Lady Teshat

After experimenting with some practice paintings, first graders painted these fancy mummy cases.

Preparing our background with a little colored chalk.

 I just love how each painting has a personality all its own.

Of course the best part was selecting just the right jewel to adorn their paintings!

Parents – you’ll find these portraits on our ARTSONIA on-line art gallery soon.

Egyptian Mummy Cases

My first graders started these great mummy case paintings this week.  After lots of discussion about pyramids and mummies (wow, do first graders ever know a bunch of crazy things about pyramids and mummies!) we painted with black tempera paint directly on textured construction paper.  I led them step by step, starting with a big “U” for the face.  Next week – we’ll try some Egyptian hieroglyphs along our picture frame border.

472090_Mummy-Case-of-Lady-Teshat We looked at the mummy case of Lady Teshat for our inspiration.

First Grade mummy case First Grade Mummy Case First Grade Mummy Case First Grade Mummy Case