Monsters in the Art Room

We’ve been reading some great books about monsters in the art room, including our favorite, Ed and Rebecca Emberly’s  There Was an Old Monster.   First grade artists drew these fabulous monsters with giant permanent markers, and added color with construction paper crayons, plus orange and green watercolor paint.  They finished with a lesson about texture and had a blast creating a background with texture rubbing plates.  The final touch?  A giant googly wiggle eye, of course!  Gotta love a good monster!

IMG_0527 IMG_0708 IMG_0709 IMG_0710 IMG_0711

Little Monsters

First Grade artists had monstrous fun creating these monsters on a tall brick wall.  We sponge printed the wall and then drew our silly monsters up on our wall.  We read lots of monster-y books for drawing inspiration – these were two of our favorites.

Did you know that you can listen to a fun song from “There Was An Old Monster”?  My kiddos LOVE it!  Listen to it here.  Don’t let the ants get in your pants!


Drawing our monsters, and some pretty cute finished little monsters.


Parents, you’ll find this project on ARTSONIA too!