Mentor Day

Today I had the pleasure of sitting in a cushy chair and watching someone else work!  I visited my mentee, Mrs. Nienhouse, at South Elementary and enjoyed seeing her work some art magic with her students.  We had a fun morning, and I was impressed with Mrs. Nienhouse’s planned projects AND her fabulous students.  Here’s a look at some of the things they are working on – couldn’t resist showing them off!

model magic turtle

pinch pot – painting with complementary colors

chalk landscapes

Here are some completed projects from the hallway displays.

  beautiful birch trees!

Matisse collage

Egyptian portraits

Cities with Van Gogh sky

Nice work, Mrs. Nienhouse!  Thanks for letting me visit today.


Second Grade Mini Masks

Second grade artist are wrapping up their African Culture study with a mask project.  After looking at a variety of African masks, they created a mini-mask using model magic.

Second Grade mini-mask Second Grade mini-mask

The masks were painted with metallic acrylic paint – my second graders loved working with the copper, gold, silver and bronze paints!

Second Grade mini-masks Second Grade mini-masks

After the masks were dry, they were hot-glued to black poster board, and everyone finished them off by adding a frame using animal-skins paper.  Beautiful!

Second Grade mini masks Second Grade mini-masks Second grade mini-masks Second grade mini-masks Second grade mini-masks Second grade mini-masks Second grade mini-masks