Aztec Masks

Second grade artists created these fabulous Aztec Masks as they learned about Mexico and the ancient Aztec empire.  They began their masks by studying intricate totem mask images and viewing Mrs. Brouwer’s carved wooden mask from Mexico.

They first created these beautiful practice thumbnail drawings.

IMG_2081 IMG_2082 IMG_2083 IMG_2084


The practice mask drawings were a fabulous warm up for their finished pieces – aren’t they amazing?!

IMG_2077 IMG_2078 IMG_2079 IMG_2080

More masks can be found on our Artsonia On-Line Art Gallery!


Fourth Grade Feather Masks

Fourth Grade artists have been reviewing the art elements of line, shape, color, and texture as they create these great feather masks.  They also brushed up on their shading skills as they explored color combinations for their feathers.

Everyone enjoyed looking through my feather collection for pattern and color ideas!

Second Grade Mini Masks

Second grade artist are wrapping up their African Culture study with a mask project.  After looking at a variety of African masks, they created a mini-mask using model magic.

Second Grade mini-mask Second Grade mini-mask

The masks were painted with metallic acrylic paint – my second graders loved working with the copper, gold, silver and bronze paints!

Second Grade mini-masks Second Grade mini-masks

After the masks were dry, they were hot-glued to black poster board, and everyone finished them off by adding a frame using animal-skins paper.  Beautiful!

Second Grade mini masks Second Grade mini-masks Second grade mini-masks Second grade mini-masks Second grade mini-masks Second grade mini-masks Second grade mini-masks