Fourth Grade Portraits

Fourth grade artists have been studying the art of American Artists Mary Cassatt.  They learned that she loved to paint children, including her own nieces and nephew.  So of course they created portraits of children – themselves!

After writing about themselves and creating a background of colored tissue paper, they traced their portraits from photos.

Mary Cassatt


Mary Cassatt

IMG_9491 IMG_9516 IMG_9517

Split Face Portraits

Fourth Grade artists are finishing up their “Split Face Portrait” project this week.  We looked at the work of American Artist Mary Cassatt, who painted many portraits of her young nieces and nephew.  Of course then we HAD to draw our own portraits!

Cassatt’s “Mother and Child”

There was a little groaning in the art room at the thought of trying to draw our portraits…until I started snapping photos and introducing the split face idea.  Students drew one side of their face only, using the photograph on the other side of the paper for reference.  The results…very cool!