Featuring….Georgetown Second Graders!

Whoop Whoop!  The artwork of several talented second graders is featured in the March issue of the the nation’s leading art education magazine, Arts & Activities.

Thanks to second graders Amelia, Keelan, Meghan, and Eden for sharing their artwork for my magazine article submission “Colorful Van Gogh Landscapes”.

Check out the full article here:

Van Gogh Article-2jtlio6

Spring Projects

Georgetown artists in grades 1, 2, and 3 have been creating colorful, blooming projects to celebrate warmer weather.  And, bonus…these projects have become beautiful Mother’s Day gifts.  Visit our on-line art gallery ARTSONIA to see more of these fabulous projects!

First Grade artists created these beautiful flowers in a fancy mosaic vase.

IMG_3111 IMG_3136 IMG_3147

Special thanks to Apex Elementary Art for this project inspiration!

Second Grade artists “drew” with masking tape to make these fun flowers.

IMG_3179 IMG_3231 IMG_3339 IMG_3340


Thanks to Archoo! for this project idea!

Third Grade artists created these fabulous collage landscapes while studying the Folk Art of American artist Heather Galler.  Each of their masterpieces was photographed and added to a special card for a lovely Mother’s Day gift.

IMG_3247 IMG_3327 IMG_3487


Image Inspiration: A Tiny Life

Second Grade Barns

Second grade artists have been learning how to draw forms.  They became experts at drawing pyramids during our Middle Eastern landscape project, and were excited to learn how to turn cubes into barns and cylinders into silos!

drawing barns using tempera paint and q-tips

Finished barns, painted with tempera paint and outlined with black oil pastel.

This project was inspired by the barn paintings created several years ago by my colleague at Alward Elementary, Mrs. Bandstra.  See her cool blog here!

Third Grade Fall Landscapes

Third graders have just finished up a multi-media fall project.  We began by exploring different ways to make lines, drawing trees with coffee stir-sticks and india ink.  The results were beautiful…the line drawings could have stood alone as finished art!

One of our inspirations for these tree drawings was from this blog:  iheartprintsandpatterns – beautiful ideas for decorative tree drawings.

We followed up with watercolor and oil pastel for our landscapes.

And finally….a little texture review and crayon leaf rubbing to complete our fall compostion.  (Doesn’t matter how old you are, leaf texture rubbings are ALWAYS fun and exciting to create!)

The final results….a beautiful fall inspired landscape.

First Grade Scarecrows…finished!

First Graders added collage scarecrows to their landscapes this week.  They did an amazing job of following directions – I gave them lots of ideas on making their scarecrows, put the materials on the tables, and they had a blast!  (special thanks again to Patty at Deep Space Sparkle for her post on scarecrows…gave me courage to try them with first garders!)

Scarecrows First Grade Scarecrows First Grade Scarecrows First Grade Scarecrows First Grade Scarecrows

First Grade Scarecrows

First Graders began a scarecrow project this week – they can’t wait to get to the scarecrow part!  I need to give kudos to Patty at Deep Space Sparkle for this project – I’ve always avoided scarecrows with the little people – too scary?!  Deep Space has some excellent ideas for scarecrow projects, without the scary. We spent this week creating the landscape for our scarecrows, drawing a hilly field with oil pastels and painting with watercolors.  Next…scarecrows!

First Grade Landscape First Grade Landscapes First Grade Landscapes