Kindergarten Line Fish

IMG_1302Kindergarten students began the year learning about the art element, Line. They learned what a line was and that they use different kinds of lines every day. They were allowed to explore drawing different kinds of lines. After hearing the story Only One You by Linda Kranz, each student created their own fish and decorated it with thick, thin, curvy, straight, etc. lines to make their fish unique. They finished their fish by adding lines of tissue paper for the tail and fins. They did an amazing job and the fish look so bright and colorful in our hallways!




See more of our Kindergarten fish project at our on-line art gallery, Artsonia!


Last Day of Kindergarten Art

IMG_2582 IMG_2579 IMG_2575 IMG_2572 IMG_2552 IMG_2619

It has been an amazing year with these Kindergarten students! It was hard to say goodbye, but I made them all promise they would say “Hi” to me when they see me in the hallways next year. We celebrated our last day by going outside and drawing with sidewalk chalk. We got a little messy, but we had so much fun.  I am amazed at how much these students have grown in their artistic abilities this year. I will miss this bunch of kiddos!

IMG_2614 IMG_2567 IMG_2612 IMG_2551IMG_2590 IMG_2617 IMG_2586 IMG_2595

Kindergarten Snowmen

There isn’t any snow for us to go outside and build a snowman, so why not build a snowman in the art room? That is exactly what the Kindergarten artists did! Students had a fun class exploring with model magic to create their snowmen. They turned out so cute, and now they can say they built a snowman this winter!

Kindergarten Fireflies

Kindergarten artists created these fireflies in the style of Eric Carle to support our school SPARK project where we raised money to send solar powered lanterns to teachers in Uganda. Each teacher in our building read the story The Lonely Firefly by Eric Carle to introduce SPARK to the students. Kindergarteners learned about Eric Carle’s art and began the project by painting paper. They then used their painted paper to cut out the parts of their fireflies. The students worked hard on their fireflies and they turned out beautiful!

 Read more about our SPARK, Spread A Little Light for the Nyaka School in Uganda,   here.

Valentine’s Day Projects

Last week’s snow days off – lovely as they were – have really made a jumble of the art room schedule.  I’ve got kids in all different stages of many projects, which makes me a little bit frizzled.  So some of my kiddos who are way ahead of the other classes have been doing some fun little Valentine projects while the other classes catch up.  They are having a blast and I’m enjoying chilling with them a bit too!

Kindergarten Heart Flowers Kindergarten Heart Flowers

Second Grade Flowers Second Grade Flower Pots

Love Bug Love Bug Love Bug

Surprisingly, these goofy Love Bugs created by First and Second grades were their favorite!

Love Bug Love Bug

Love Bug

Caterpillar and Fly Love Bugs – and the artist is pretty cute too!

New Art Show Selections

Here are the most recent selections for our upcoming Hudsonville Student Art Show, scheduled for April 25-28, 2011.  Keep scrolling, there are a bunch of beautiful pieces!  Congratulations, artists!

Kindergarten Penguin First Grade PicassoFirst Grade Picasso First Grade Picasso Second Grade Giraffe Second Grade Giraffe Second Grade Giraffe Second Grade Giraffe First Grade Kente Cloth First Grade MonkeyThird Grade Green DogThird Grade Self PortraitThird Grade African MasaiThird Grade African MasaiFourth Grade CalderFourth Grade CalderFourth Grade CalderFourth Grade CalderFourth Grade CalderFifth Grade LandscapeFifth Grade LandscapeFifth Grade LandscapeFifth Grade Landscape

Kindergarten Magnificent Me Portraits

Kindergarten artists enjoyed creating their own “Magnificent Me” portraits after enjoying The One, The Only Magnificent Me by Dan Haseltine.

Magnificent Me

We drew really, really big ovals with black crayons and then added lots of fun Magnificent Me details – spouting horns, wings, and feathery feathers.  Then we (gasp!) painted in our very first art class!  What great fun for my first-timers in the art room.  Check out their beautiful results.

Magnificent MeMagnificent MeMagnificent Me