Better Late…Than Never!

Georgetown artists wrapped up the school year with some pretty cool projects inspired by our study of African art and culture.  Before the summer slides away….here are a few of our favorites.

Fifth Grade African animal drawings on indigo dyed backgrounds with chalk Andikra symbols. Fifth graders got to select any African animal they wanted to draw, so this project was a hit!

Second grade tropical birds – plus a color and pattern review.

First grade printed and colored Kente Cloth with some toothy crocodiles lounging on top.

Fourth grade model magic African amulets painted with metallic paint.

Third grade jazzy African zebras with printed borders.

Kindergarten African zebras. Color, pattern, and cuteness – these fun zebras have it all!

First Grade Kente Cloth

First graders have been experiencing the art of Africa in this year’s cultural focus unit.  We looked at samples of Kente Cloth and read Debi Chocolate’s Kente Colors – and then created these beautiful paper and printed Kente collages.

Kente Colors Kente Cloth

Before printing using cardboard dipped in acrylic paint, we also looked at the beautiful patterns found in Adinkra cloth that is printed by the Ashanti people of Ghana.

Adinkra Cloth

First Grade Kente Cloth First Grade Kente Cloth First Grade Kente Cloth First Grade Kente Cloth First Grade Kente Cloth