New Winter Art Projects from G-Town

The blustery cold weather has inspired our Georgetown artists to create some fun “wintery” projects.  We are also starting our study and review of color, and these projects are reinforcing our understanding of color families such as primary and secondary colors, and  warm/cool colors.

First grade artists are working on these nice warm/cool holiday trees.

IMG_1227 IMG_1233 IMG_1283

Second grade artists are finishing up some awesome grinches, focusing on shading and warm/cool color combinations.

IMG_1265 IMG_1269 IMG_1347

Third graders are enjoying exploring different color families as they create these colorful candy canes!

IMG_1167 IMG_1170 IMG_1172

Fourth and Fifth grade artists created visual interest with line, shape, and color as they created their Nutty Nutcrackers.

IMG_1062 IMG_1069 IMG_1077 IMG_1111 IMG_1114

Parents…these projects can be found on our on-line art gallery, ARTSONIA.

Kudos to these fellow art teachers for our project inspiration:

Candy Canes – The Clever Feather ; Geometric Trees – Liberty Christian Academy via Artsonia



Second Grade artists have been enjoying our Grinch project.  We drew them with Sharpie markers and added grinch green color to his face, using our understanding of shading and value that we developed this fall with our pumpkin project.  They also drew a fancy border around Mr. Grinch and made it smaller than his head so he “popped out” of the picture frame.  We finished up with a little printmaking with tempera paint dipped in bottle caps for a fun frame.Grinch Grinch Grinch