Fun With Figure Drawing

Back by popular demand…Fourth Grade Figure Drawings!  Fourth graders learned how to do gesture drawings and had a blast posing for each other.  We viewed and discussed the figure drawings of Edgar Degas – and then the giggles commenced as they stood on the art room tables and posed for 30 second gesture drawings.  We do this project every year, and it never gets old!

We followed up our figure drawing practice by drawing from our mannequins.  Fourth graders were excited to show off their new figure drawing expertise!

More Figure Drawing

After completing their figure gesture drawing practice, my 4th grade artists are now practicing drawing figures using wood mannequins.  Such concentration!

We are following up this figure drawing work with a large single figure drawing.  My students are learning about body proportion and are even using some fractions as they work to make their figures “eight heads tall”.



Fourth Grade Meets Edgar Degas

Fourth graders have been studying French artist Edgar Degas this week.  They watched a movie about Degas’ life and career, learning that he was interested in showing movement in his figure drawings of ballerinas.  Then…it was time to be models ourselves as we practiced figure drawings.

I don’t repeat too many art projects – but this one is always so much fun, and is such a great way to help kids get over any anxiety about figure drawing, AND to pack lots of figure drawing practice into a class session…that I can’t pass it up!  My students do quick gesture drawings as they model for each other – GASP! – up on the art room tables!!  Check out the dramatic poses!