Georgetown is Looking Spiffy!

Our floors are shined up and teachers have been busy getting their classrooms ready for a new school year.  I’m excited to tell you that we also have nine NEW pieces of student artwork that have been added to our permanent collection!  Our wonderful Mr. Rob has installed the pieces throughout our building – take a few minutes when you are visiting Georgetown and see if you can locate them!

Hint:  one of the largest pieces we’ve ever had framed, by Cotey S., is hanging in the cafeteria – you will be amazed at Cotey’s skill in creating a work of art in the style of Georgia O’Keeffe.  (See more about our Georgia Project here.)

IMG_3833 Cotey’s O’Keeffe piece

O'KeeffeO’Keeffe “Ram’s Head”

Here are the rest of the newly framed pieces (sorry about the glare from the lighting – when you see the pieces in person, I promise they look FAB.)

IMG_3828 IMG_3829 IMG_3830 IMG_3831

HUGE thanks to our amazing Georgetown PTC for funding our Permanent Collection at Georgetown – your support is truly appreciated!


New Art Pieces For Our Permanent Collection!

Each year, our fabulous Parent Club provides funds to frame student artwork for our permanent collection at Georgetown.  I picked up eight new pieces from the expert framers at Kandu, Inc. last week – can’t wait to see these new student masterpieces hanging in our halls!

Many thanks to our awesome PTC, and to the framing experts at Kandu, Inc!

Walk-a-Thon 2010

Just a little plug from the Art Room for Georgetown’s 2010 Walk-a-Thon fund raiser, which will be held September 29 and September 30 this week.  The funds raised from this event allow our awesome Parent Club to support and enrich so many areas of our school, including one of my pet projects – our permanent student art collection!  Each year our PTC generously pays for framing a selection of pieces to hang in our hallways.  When our latest pieces arrive from the framer, we’ll have over 55 pieces of student art on display throughout the school!

Many thanks to Georgetown’s Parent Club and to our student Walk-a-Thon fund raisers!

Grade 4 2010 Permanent Collection Felt Masks One of  Georgetown’s permanent art collection pieces.

New Additions to Georgetown’s Permanent Art Collection

Each year, I select outstanding student pieces from each grade for our Permanent Art Collection.  I photograph the piece and make a digital copy so my students can keep their original artwork; the piece is then professionally framed with funds from our generous Parent Club.    It is a huge honor for students to have their work displayed in our school, and as  our collection grows each year, our school becomes more beautiful!  Here’s a look at the pieces that will soon be on display at Georgetown.

Keira's Grade CI Bug Party Matthew's Owls grade K Sheyla's Grade 1 Pink Amaryllis Ingrid's Grade 2 Cardinal Drew's Grade 3 Starry Night Audrey's Portrait Grade 4 Nathan's Grade 4 GT Collection  Portrait Hadley's Palm Tree 5th Grade Grade 4 2010 Permanent Collection Felt Masks

Georgetown Permanent Art Collection

Each year, I select student artwork from each grade to add to our permanent art collection at Georgetown Elementary.  A digital copy is made of the artwork and the pieces are framed and displayed in our hallways and offices at Georgetown.  It is quite an honor to have one’s work featured in our permanent collection and my students look forward to seeing the framed artwork each year.  I am still in the process of choosing pieces, but have made a selection from our 5th grade so I could present this artist with her cool certificate before she moved on to the Middle School.  And the artist is….Hadley S. and her beautiful Tropical Palm Tree painting!  Congratulations to Hadley – I hope she comes back to Georgetown next year to visit her artwork!

Hadley's Palm Tree