Latest 2014 Art Show Selections

Congratulations, Georgetown artists – here are the most recent selections for our 2014 District Art Show.

Fourth Grade Owl Stuffies,  First Grade Monet’s Frog, Fifth Grade Dali Portraits, Second Grade Matisse Windows

IMG_0995 IMG_0996


IMG_0997 IMG_0998 IMG_0999                                               IMG_1000 IMG_1001 IMG_1002 IMG_1003 IMG_1004 

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Ribbit! Monet’s Frogs

Georgetown’s first grade artists recently finished these cute froggies after learning about the work of Claude Monet.  They were inspired by Geraldine Eischner’s book, “Where is the Frog?” and enjoyed looking for Antoinette the frog hiding in Monet’s famous water lily paintings.



First graders created a watery “Monet style” background, then cut out their frog drawings and glued them to their beautiful backgrounds.  The final step was adding a gorgeous water lily flower  – created from model magic with a fancy bead in the center.


IMG_0880 IMG_0881 IMG_0882 IMG_0883 IMG_0884


Special thanks to Mrs. Seitz over at Forest Grove’s “Art With Mrs. Seitz” for this project inspiration!


Kindergarten Frogs

After reading a story about a tadpole that turns into a frog, Kindergarten artists were busy in the art room drawing and painting frogs with watercolor pencils. They had so much fun watching the color pencil turn into paint when they added water. The students have grown so much this year in their drawing skills. The frogs were a little tricky to draw and they all did an amazing job!

IMG_2518 IMG_2517 IMG_2519 IMG_9514 IMG_9513 IMG_9515


Claude Monet’s Frogs

First grade artists have been learning about the Impressionist work of Claude Monet.  As they examined Monet’s Japanese Bridge painting, they all wondered….where are the frogs on the lily pads?!

So…we created lily pads, blending our colors so it looked like the sun was shining on them, just like Monet might do.  They added little tissue paper flowers, and finished with these too-cute-for-words frogs.

Claude Monet’s “Water Lilies and Japanese Bridge”

Making just the right shade of “froggy green”.


Thanks to Pam over at Panther’s Palette for this project inspiration, my 1st graders loved it!

Lemon Juice Froggies

Third graders recently completed these sweet little watercolor frogs – perfect to celebrate the spring frogs that are peeping outside the art room door!

Their watercolor froggies were painted on a background that was brushed with blue watercolor and dabbed with paper towel for some nice texture.

Dots were added to the frogs with lemon juice that was dropped on the frogs and blotted with tissue; this left a lighter “frog spot”.  Interestingly – we used two brands of green watercolor, and one brand would not “blot”…so we improvised and painted on white spots with tempera paint too.

Our final step was to add a lily pad and flower border.

First Grade Monets

First grade artists have been learning about Impressionist artist Claude Monet.  After studying Monet’s water lily paintings and viewing a video about his work, they began their own Impressionist paintings.

Monet’s Japanese Garden Painting

We studied the way Monet used his brushstrokes to make the long leaves and branches of the willow trees, and then began our painting.

Next came our bridges – we used our extra green paint from our trees to paint a piece of white tagboard with Impressionist brushstrokes.  When it was dry, we drew a bridge with black crayon, cut it out, and placed it carefully over our water.  We also cut and decorated a beautiful swirly picture frame for our painting.

And finally – a frog hopped from our lily pads and landed on our painting!

Next time – I want to read Lisa Jobe Carmack’s Philippe in Monet’s Garden – the perfect tie-in to this project!

Many, many thanks to Painted Paper for this project inspiration – my first grade kiddos loved it!  Your photo stream and blog are awesome!

Frogs – and Robots!

A few kindergarten and 1st grade projects we’ve been working on!

Kinders created frogs on a log this week – lots of practice drawing circles.

kindergarten frog kindergarten frog kindergarten frog

We’re also finishing up fun robots in Kindergarten and First Grade.  We LOVE drawing robots – so easy, lots of squares and rectangles.

Kindergarten Robots…..kindergarten robot kindergarten robot kindergarten robot kindergarten robot kindergarten Robot

And First Grade Robots…first grade robot first grade robot first grade robot