Third Grade and The Rule of Thirds

Third grade artists learned a new “artist trick” to make their artwork more interesting and visually pleasing – the Rule of Thirds.  (Shhh…they also worked with fractions, but don’t tell them!)

Students learned that the human eye naturally gravitates to certain intersection points when an image is divided into thirds.  Placing objects on these points creates a stronger and more visually interesting work of art.

They watched this neat little video to help them understand the concept:

They also looked at works of art and figured out how the artists used the Rule of Thirds in their work.

images-3 images imgres

Third graders were challenged to create a composition using the Rule of Thirds…and to sweeten the project, they drew Valentine candy.  It was tricky at first…but their completed compositions were – sweet, of course!

IMG_9626 IMG_9627 IMG_9628 IMG_9629 IMG_9630

I CAN: explain the Rule of Thirds to a friend; create a composition using the Rule of Thirds.