New Art Show Selections

Congratulations, Georgetown Artists!  Here are the latest selections for our 2013 HPS Student Art Show.  Thanks to our wonderful kindergarten art teacher, Mrs. Persch, for getting these masterpieces ready for the art show!


Beautiful Boab Trees

Fourth Grade artists are completing these fabulous Boab Trees as part of our Cultural Focus this year – Australia.  They learned that the Boab Tree is also called the “bottle tree” as it stores water in the bottle-shaped trunk to endure harsh drought conditions in the Australian outback.

Our boab trees were inspired by the work of  Australian artist Bronwyn Bancroft, author and illustrator of the book “Why I Love Australia”.

Fourth Graders prepared the paper for their work by first rubbing it with crayons for a bit of color and texture.  Next they painted their boabs with black tempera; when the tempera was dry, color was added with oil pastels.


       See more of our beautiful boab trees at our ARTSONIA GALLERY!



Winter Trees

Fourth grade artists have just finished these beautiful winter tree landscapes.  They used bits of masking tape to create their white trees, then painted some deep blue watercolor paint over the top, adding a sprinkle of salt for texture.  The really fun part?  Rubbing off the salt and gently peeling the tape away to reveal the sparkling white trees!  The final flourish – shadows on the trees and white stars and a moon, painted with acrylic paint.

See more of this project on our ARTSONIA site!


This project was inspired by Art Projects For Kids – see it HERE.

Piles of Pumpkins

My fourth grade artists recently brainstormed some of the many reasons that artists make art, including: to make money (!), to express yourself, to relax, and….to give as a gift.

Since we will soon be hosting students from Raey Guang Elementary, our sister school in Pingtung, Taiwan, we put our creative abilities to work and made these fun bookmarks to welcome our friends to Georgetown.

Our friends will be visiting over Halloween so they can experience this American holiday.  We hope they enjoy our Halloween bookmarks!


Sketchbook Time

Our fifth and fourth grade artists spent their first days in art making their sketchbooks – assembling them, decorating the covers, and working on their first sketchbook assignment – a hand project.  They also learned how to draw some new fun zentangles.  Fifth and fourth graders will keep their sketchbooks in the art room and use them throughout the year –  when they have extra art time, to take art notes, and for working through ideas.

Sketchbook cover


Sketchbook hand project



Split Face Portraits

Fourth Grade artists are finishing up their “Split Face Portrait” project this week.  We looked at the work of American Artist Mary Cassatt, who painted many portraits of her young nieces and nephew.  Of course then we HAD to draw our own portraits!

Cassatt’s “Mother and Child”

There was a little groaning in the art room at the thought of trying to draw our portraits…until I started snapping photos and introducing the split face idea.  Students drew one side of their face only, using the photograph on the other side of the paper for reference.  The results…very cool!